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RUSH: I want to go back to this New York Daily News story of September 13th, 1998, which is about the time I can’t remember all the women that were propositioning me. “President Clinton is revealed in the Starr report as a sexual glutton who rashly put the fate of his presidency in the hands of a 22-year-old star-struck intern with an admitted tendency to babble. But he also comes across as a man struggling to avoid temptation, and lavishing his young lover with attention and gifts. Because the report was written by prosecutors clearly attempting to put the worst spin on events but based almost entirely on Monica Lewinsky’s naive and star-struck testimony the final product is schizophrenic.

“Clinton comes out looking both crude and manly, salacious and tender, manipulative and vulnerable. Sexually voracious and vulgar enough to conduct business with congressmen over the phone while being serviced, Clinton also is portrayed through Lewinsky’s starry eyes as an affectionate lover gently brushing locks of hair from her eyes. According to Lewinsky, Clinton told her she made him feel young. He told her they were both ’emotive and full of fire’ and assured her he spent more time with her ‘than anyone else in the world, aside from his family, friends and staff’ not that this means much, if you pay attention. Clinton said he tried ‘to be a friend to Ms. Lewinsky, to be a counselor to her, to give her good advice and to help her.’

“With all the affairs of state to worry about, it’s stunning how much time and attention he gave the former White House intern. During an early encounter, Clinton promised to call Lewinsky and impressed her by reciting her home and office numbers. The President and the intern spoke on the phone about 50 times during their 2 1/2-year relationship and had phone sex as many as 15 times. Late one night after phone sex, Clinton fell asleep in mid-conversation. He flirted with her, donning her gifts of clothing and then asking her, ‘Did you see I wore your tie?’ Another time, she asked him saucily where he had gotten his tie of one she had given him and he responded, ‘Some girl with style gave it to me.’

“According to Lewinsky, Clinton acted like a schoolboy, lavishing her with goodies and swapping childhood stories with her. … With Lewinsky, Clinton was distracted, keeping an eye on open doors and windows. He also was attentive, telling her she was beautiful and admiring her spirit. He was boorish, asking her for oral sex while he was on the phone and saying he would never have approached White House job applicant Kathleen Willey because she had small breasts.” That’s what he told Lewinsky, don’t worry about her, I’d never approach her. She’s got small breasts. We are reading a Daily News story from 1988 about the star of the Democrat Party today, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.

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