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RUSH: But the dirty little secret of yesterday is that in the state of Virginia — which is the bellwether. You know, people talk about Ohio, but Virginia is a bellwether.

It was said, among all the analysts, the Charlie Cooks of the world and these people that make their living predicting the outcome of elections and the meaning, it was said before the election that Virginia will determine what happens in 2012. Well, let’s tell you what happened in Virginia. The Republicans picked up six or seven seats in the assembly, they increased their majority, they picked up two Senate seats — meaning the state Senate is now split evenly in Virginia so that the lieutenant governor, as a Republican, will break tie votes. This includes no reason Virginia which is all of these federal workers, where the annual income is twice what private sector workers make. It is big, what happened in Virginia, and I think it overrides the loss in Ohio.

You couple it with the win in Ohio on Issue 3 where the people of Ohio had more sense than the judge or the DC circuit court on the mandate. The people spoke in Ohio and that’s what Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz doesn’t like. So she’s happy to go here to a conservative matter, “Ah, it doesn’t matter. We have the courts,” and all I’m saying is she’s right! We talk about this all the time. That’s the left’s insurance for losing elections. They populate the bench with all these judges that will write law instead of judging law. Levin wrote a book about it: Men in Black. This is exactly what Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz means. So the argument remains: Free people versus the government, free people versus the state. Statists. How are we gonna solve our problems? That’s what I said the first hour: Way too many people think this way.

Despite the evidence that the government has messed up their lives — the government has destroyed the value of their house, the government has made it harder and harder for them to get a job that pays them anything or a job — they look at the government to fix it. It’s understandable in a way. The whole media, my whole life spent lionizing the government, building it up as this irresistible force for good and compassion and caring and all that stuff. It’s just so over the top. Here’s the governor. We’ve got some sound bites. Bob McDonnell, the government of Virginia. I want to contrast this with Kasich. He was very defeatist, and I think he was sad. He overplayed the humility business and the loss, taking it personally. “Well, I gotta do better. I’ll do better next time. I heard the people.” Governor Kasich, you didn’t hear the people; you heard the unions! You heard union cash registers when it came to Issue 2. So on — where else? — MSNBC this morning on Scarborough’s show, the governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell. Scarborough said, “You said there’s some good news in Virginia. Tell us about it.”

MCDONNELL: Last night we won at least eight legislative seats, picked up six to eight in the House of Delegates — which was the highest number, total of Republican seats in the Virginia house that we’ve ever had in history: 66 to 68 seats out of a hundred. We picked up two seats in the Senate. So the Senate now is 20-20 with a Republican tie-break vote giving the Republicans effective control. So it was a huge win; I think it was a repudiation of many of the president’s policies.

RUSH: You don’t hear much about Bob McDonnell, but he’s running, either — I forget — a surplus or a deficit that’s so tiny. Virginia is going gangbusters compared to most states in the country, and it’s going Republican all the while. And here’s McDonnell. He’s even more upbeat about Ohio than Kasich was!

MCDONNELL: In Ohio, I would say this: I think John Kasich had the guts to tell the people of Ohio we can’t keep these same union policies, and we can’t keep spending the way we’re spending and have a prosperous Ohio. He also won the ballot initiative that was a round repudiation of Obamacare, the question number three on the ballot. So I would say the Republicans did very well. Big news here out of Virginia, and next year when we have a chance to hire a new president of the United States, I think these elections will give us a lot of momentum going to next year.

RUSH: There’s a guy in a state that’s going Republican, going gangbusters, there’s every reason in the world for him to be confident. His election results were good and he’s looking at Ohio in a totally different way. Now, the media, before the election everybody was saying Virginia’s the bellwether and the media was saying that because they were confident the Democrats were gonna beat the Republicans back there. So they wanted Virginia to go big Democrat or the Republicans not to do as well, and they could say, “See, that’s the future, that’s the future.” They can’t say it now.

As an example, here we go from the National Journal: “Virginia As Imperfect Bellwether.” See how this works? After the results come in, and they’re not what the media wants, “Well, it’s not so much a bellwether as we thought on second thought. It’s an imperfect bellwether.” And from the lead of that article: “Let’s be clear, off-year elections aren’t great indicators of the direction of a presidential contest.” Oh, so now Ohio doesn’t mean anything. Is that what they want us to believe at the National Journal? “But even after Republicans won control of the Virginia state Senate last night, Democrats can make the case that they didn’t do so bad — and, more importantly, that the results are evidence Virginia voters have not rejected the Democratic Party, despite recent Republican wins.” What a stretch. It is exactly evidence of that.

So Virginia was the state they wanted, Ohio was not. They knew they had that Ohio election, folks. They had the money in the bag, and the Republicans weren’t spending any, and it was a lousy campaign that was run with some strategic errors as well. So now, now that Virginia didn’t go the way the media want, now all these off-year elections don’t mean anything. It’s just delightful to see this. So blatantly biased, so blatantly manipulative. That’s right, the unions spent $30 million in Ohio. And you people in Ohio, the SEIU, Service Employees International Union official is calling Kasich a thug. John Kasich, the governor of Ohio, a thug. Let me tell you something. Taxpayers in Ohio are now going to be hammered for $66 billion in pension compensation. You’re facing taxes, $66 billion, just to pay the pensions of state union employees. Who is the thug? We’ll see when the people of Ohio realize what’s happened here.

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