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RUSH: John in Bellaire, Ohio. Thank you for waiting, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you today?

RUSH: Very good. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, you’re absolutely right, Rush. The debate in Ohio definitely isn’t over. The unions made this an issue about workers’ rights instead of this budget, you know, taxpayers —

RUSH: They don’t care about the budget. They don’t care about taxpayers. They don’t care about depleting. They think the federal government’s gonna come in and bail ’em out once they rip the state dry. They don’t care. They don’t care that they’re asking people that are out of work or barely getting by to pay their salaries and their pensions. They don’t care. It’s all about the money. It’s grab it while you can, and when they break the state here comes somebody like Obama, whoever down the road to bail it out.

CALLER: The voters in my precinct, you know, pretty much contradicted themselves because they voted “no” against Issue 2 because, like I said, they made it a workers’ rights issue, but on my same ballot there were three issues for tax increases, two for our local school district and one for 911 service in the county. They all went down.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And this is the third time in a row the school district —

RUSH: Well, no, I tell you what happened. I mean I can guess what happened. Of course if you put a tax increase on the ballot, it’s gonna go down. But you tell people that rapists and muggers are running around and there aren’t gonna be any cops if this thing passes, and if somebody’s house catches fire there aren’t gonna be any firemen if this thing passes — I know it’s schizophrenic and you wonder, how stupid are people in Ohio? Talk about a contradiction. How about Issue 3? Do you realize in Ohio, Issue 3 the people of Ohio rejected by 66%, the federal mandate to buy insurance. But that’s not the entire story. The anti-Obamacare measure swept all 88 counties. It won every county in Ohio, and then on the other side, the same people vote in a totally opposite way on Issue 2. And it does have people scratching their heads.

That’s when you realize it comes down to money. The way the proposition or the ballot issue was worded, could have been a little confusing, too. But it was the amount of money. You put $30 million of TV on the air that tells people that these evil Republicans want to take cops off the street and they want to make sure that the firemen aren’t around when your house burns down, some people are not gonna take a chance that that’s not true. It’s maddening. It’s entirely frustrating. But as I say, there’s a story here in the stack that points out, this is a singular win for them. This is not part of a pattern for the Democrats. This is a stand-alone win for them. They can crow about it all they want, and they have a right to, but it’s not a trend. And the opposition coulda run a better campaign, so I understand your sentiment about it.


RUSH: Yeah, they had to spend $60 million to win in two states, but they had the money. You can say it cost them $60 million, but they had the money. So… (interruption) Yeah, well, $30 million in Wisconsin, $30 million in Ohio, and one victory. Look, I’m not trying to throw cold water on anyone. My only point is that doesn’t matter to them. To them it’s a victory they came up with the money — and they never go away. They never stop. And where does that money come from, by the way? Where did they get that $60 million? They got it from the people who are paying them in the first place, taxpayers. That’s where that money comes from. Who pays them? We’re talking public employees here.

They’re paid out of state taxes, and then every one of those union workers pays dues. The dues are deducted and the workers don’t know where the monies goes and they don’t have any choice in the matter. The dues go right back to the Democrat Party. It’s a giant money laundering operation.

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