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RUSH: I want to go to the audio sound bites. We’re gonna start at the top. Folks, the Dittocam, do you see how small that is? I don’t care. At this point I don’t want anything to go right. If things started going right in here I might not be able to handle it. I actually need a magnifying glass. I know, for example, that this sound bite is John Harwood on MSNBC, but I have no clue what he’s talking about because I can’t read it. I don’t know what he’s saying. So let’s listen together. I don’t even know what the question he’s asked is, but here’s what he said.

HARWOOD: Huntsman has a tax reform plan that reduces rates. It’s not a flat tax. He’s got three rates for personal income. He would dramatically bring down the corporate rate and he’s got a story to tell about what happened in Utah. This race, as you know, Joe, is so formless with so many people rising and falling at different points in the process. Mitt Romney keeping on steady but taking hits like that from Erick Erickson, from Rush Limbaugh, who says he’s not a conservative. There clearly is an opening for somebody to consolidate support. Herman Cain has been doing that. How much longer can he do it given what’s happened in the last few days. Huntsman is one who has not yet had his moment in the sun, he’s got an opportunity tonight.

RUSH: Oh, isn’t that rich. That’s John Harwood. He’s at the New York Times now. He used to be at the Wall Street Journal. So now Huntsman has an opportunity to prove to me that he’s a conservative, El Rushbo. That’s his opportunity tonight and Harwood is so hoping he pulls it off. Why do you think that might be? Do you think Harwood plans on voting for Huntsman? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. I marvel when the media people start trumpeting people on our side, like with Palin. They try to destroy Palin; they try to destroy Bachmann; try to destroy Cain. I mean whoever ends up leading in Republican polling, there’s an effort to take ’em out. And this one could be Republican originated, this thing against Cain, we don’t know.

So Huntsman, now I have a reason to which. I was gonna go to dinner tonight, but I may change… the time zone, no, I won’t have to. I won’t have to change anything. The debate will be on at five o’clock here, right? Cool! Maybe I won’t leave and go home. I was gonna bag it, folks. I’m telling you, I was gonna head outta here, pull the plane out of maintenance. Well, that’s another thing. EIB one — (laughing) — this is a comedy of errors. EIB one is at maintenance right now, the DirecTV antenna. Every time we go into Pittsburgh we lose it. We go into Los Angeles or Van Nuys we lose it. Burbank we lose it. I probably can’t even get it out of maintenance. I’d probably have to charter if I wanted to get home tonight. So we’ll hang in there and be tough.

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