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RUSH: Here comes the See, I Told You So. I got this from Pajamas Media. I always want to credit who writes this because if I don’t there will be complaining, whining and moaning that I’m stealing their stuff. Pajamas Media, Bob Owens. “Testifying before an intensely partisan Senate Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder only deepened suspicions about the Department of JusticeÂ’s possible criminal involvement in [the operation Fast and Furious scheme]. … Holder presented the improbable case that he was not responsible for — or even aware of — the plot.”

He blamed Bush. But here’s the quote. This is the See, I Told You So. “Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Feinstein argued that the plot — in which the government forced firearms dealers to give weapons to criminals — justified more gun-control laws.” There you have it. That is exactly what the whole program was about in the first place. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. What was supposed to happen was that without you knowing it, guns would be purchased from Phoenix, for example, gun shops, and somehow miraculously end up in the hands of drug lords, drug cartel thugs, and then they would start shooting people. All of this happened, by the way. And then Americans might be among the dead. It turned out a border agent was.

We’re supposed to know all of that except that it was a government plan to put the guns in the hands of the drug cartel. We were supposed to think it happened because of lax American gun laws, that the drug cartel guys just crossed the border on their agents operating for them in the country could go into a Phoenix gun store, buy hundreds of AK-47s and put ’em in FedEx boxes or trucks, whatever, take ’em down to the Cali Cartel local office. And then we were, as a culture and society, supposed to stand up righteously indignant and demand that the Second Amendment be thrown out.

Well, something happened that went wrong and we all found out that it was the government who came up with the whole scheme that Eric Holder now doesn’t seem to remember. So since everybody knows that the government came up with the whole scheme and the White House is being subpoenaed and so forth and they’re denying the subpoenas, no surprise, Leaky Leahy and Senator Di Fi have now said, “Okay, we’re gonna implement the objective of the plan anyway. To hell with it. We’re not gonna wait for the American people to demand the Second Amendment, we’re just gonna call for it,” which is what this story is about.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Patrick “Leaky” Leahy and Dianne Feinstein argued that the plot, Fast and Furious, justified more gun control laws. Ergo, I submit to you that this is proof positive that’s what the whole plan was about, that was the objective of this. I can just hear ’em now, “It was a horrible thing that happened, yeah, we didn’t really intend these guns to get in the hands of the drug — we wanted to identify who they were. We didn’t think the drug cartel guys would actually use the guns,” is what they want us to believe. Yeah, we intended to get the guns in the hands of the cartel but we didn’t think they’d actually use them. This proves we need tighter gun control laws. So that’s that.

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