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RUSH: The Democrats are trying to play a trick on the super committee by taking the savings from all the money that we’re spending on the wars that we didn’t expect to spend and we’re now gonna save that money by spending it on other things. The money that we don’t have that we’re spending on wars would be saved and spent on other things. That’s the Democrat plan here, the super committee to avoid $500 billion in Medicare cuts and defense cuts. So we’re gonna take money that we don’t have, that we’re spending on the wars, and then spend it on other things. And it appears from one source that I looked at today that the Republicans might go along with this.
But it’s smoke and mirrors to the max. Taking money that we don’t have that we’re spending on the wars? The theory is, “Yeah, these wars have gone on much longer than anybody thought. So we’re gonna stop those wars, and then we’re gonna take that money that would otherwise have been spent and we’ll spend that on other things.” We don’t have the money we’re spending on the wars, period. We’re in hock. So it’s a smoke and mirrors trick, typical of Washington, where there won’t be any cuts. They’ll just reallocate the money that we don’t have that we’re spending on wars that will mythically now end and not need the money, then we’ll spend that money on other things. It’s just convoluted as it can be. And certain places if you look in the media, the economy is now in an expansion.

Yeah! The economy’s expanding, and Obama’s policies are finally kicking in. Finally, folks, they’re taking off out there. “Obama Prospects Brighten as Economic Recovery Moves to Expansion.” That’s from Bloomberg News. That’s the new narrative. Even with 9% unemployment, that’s the new normal: 9% unemployment, next year, the year after that — nine, 9.1% — but we’ve officially now “moved into an expansion,” is the new narrative. Isn’t that convenient? Very timely. Extremely timely.

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