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RUSH: Obama, meanwhile, doesn’t know where he is. When he’s in Hawaii he thinks he’s in Asia. When he’s in Australia he doesn’t know what time zone he’s in. And now he says he’s going to send — get this — up to 2,500 troops, US troops are going to be sent to Australia to counterbalance the ChiComs’ growing power there in the region. That’s gonna show the ChiComs we mean business, folks, 2,500 US troops. I’m telling you, this is a show of force unlike the United States has ever demonstrated before. We’re not gonna be pushed around by the ChiComs anymore. No way, folks: 2,500 US troops to Australia.

Meanwhile, and for the record, the ChiCom People’s Liberation Army is said to have 2,285,000 soldiers. It’s easily the largest army in the world, 2,285,000. And if they could afford to put more in the armed forces, they would. This is why anybody at the Pentagon will tell you, you don’t want to get into a ground conflict with the ChiComs because they’ve got millions they could lose, gladly. Fewer people to feed. I mean, 2,285,000 soldiers, easily the largest army in the world, and we’re gonna send 2,500 US troops to Australia to show the ChiComs we mean business.

Meanwhile, everybody in the news media still laughing about what an ignoramus Herman Cain is when it comes to foreign policy. Can you imagine if Herman Cain had announced this? “As part of 9-9-9, we’re gonna send 2,500 US troops to Australia, and we’re gonna show the ChiComs that we mean business.” They’d be laughing themselves and him out of the race. With Obama it’s, “Wow, are we so fortunate to be surrounded by such intelligence.”

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