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RUSH: I meant to get to this yesterday, and it wasn’t a priority. It got shifted. It’s not a priority today. I still want to get it done before it becomes irrelevant. The media in Memphis is still upset with me over my giving them a little grief on the way they handled the school supper story. We last left it with me chiding the local Memphis media for only reporting one side of the story and yada yada yada yada. So Monday night after I had referred to ’em again on Monday’s show they went into action at WMC-TV Action Eyeball News 5, a montage of a report about me, my criticism of the Memphis city school Student Supper Program, and you’ll hear me in this and some of the anchors and infobabes and so forth.

ANTHONY: Today Limbaugh called the program to feed supper to poor students a front to funnel money to the Democratic Party through union workers hired by the program. And he accused local media of hiding the true agenda. Rant number two aired today. After Rush Limbaugh’s radio rant about the article last week, Action News 5 followed up with a story about Limbaugh’s comments. By Monday, Action News 5 was on Limbaugh’s radar when he played a montage from this report on his show.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The anchor that you hear here is Ursula Madden, and then there’s a correspondent, Anna Marie Hartman.

ANTHONY: Limbaugh then criticizes the female correspondents.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Of course, I’m the bad guy here. These people — now, that makes three female reporters have no idea what the story is really all about.

ANTHONY: He said no one tried to get both sides of the story.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Where are the parents? So this is two stories now where they have not gone, as is a principle of journalism, and found an opposing point of view.

ANTHONY: Perhaps Limbaugh failed to understand that the focus of Friday’s story was him and his comments on the program. Monday, he joked about Action News 5’s efforts to reach him.

RUSH ARCHIVE: We’re sorta clued in to who’s calling when that number rings, and occasionally we do pick it up for the fun of it, and the person that does answer it is under orders just to say “no.”

ANTHONY: I, too, made several attempts to reach Limbaugh. Once again, that media line for the EIB Network that carries his show is either busy or no one answers.

RUSH: By design. Brokaw’s able to find the head ChiCom guy, but these people can’t find me. Anyway, so they said the story was about me, but they still didn’t go out and get a second side of the story on me. Whatever. So we decided to have a little more fun with this.

(playing of spoof)

RUSH: Okay. (laughing) That’s white comedian Paul Shanklin, ladies and gentlemen.


RUSH: According to the General Accounting Office, ladies and gentlemen, in 2008 — and you know it’s gonna be even bigger now — in 2008, the federal government had 18 separate food programs that spent 62 and a half billion dollars every year to feed not just the poor, but a lot of people. So why do the schools need to serve dinner? Doesn’t the SEIU have enough to do now? And that’s all I’m asking. Okay, so there’s gonna be a new school service, school dinner is gonna be is served. Where is anybody in the media in Memphis saying, “Wait a minute, is this needed?” The story was, “Oh, how wonderful is this, more government for our kids.” Where are the parents at home?

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