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“Every photo from the Occupy protests looks like a campaign add for conservatism, and this is why they had to be cleared out of there. This is why they had to go.”

“We don’t have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem, and raising taxes is only going to exacerbate that.”

“These people at Occupy whatever, they are the perfect representatives of the Democrat Party. What they did to Zuccotti Park is what the Democrats would end up doing to the whole country if every one of their policies survived unchecked.”

“I always thought that one of the most sacred tenets of modern journalism is you’re supposed to leave the wives out of it.”

“You don’t need a poll to tell you who’s hot on the Republican primary side. Whoever is hot is hit. It’s a full-fledged take-’em-out media approach, and the only guy who is immune to this is Mitt Romney. Mitt is not hit. They’re saving that up for later.”

“Protesting being sent off of to die in a foreign country versus a student loan that’s in arrears. I’m sorry, it doesn’t say a whole lot for the current generation. A bunch of wuss wimps, and it’s what everybody always saw them as.”

“What is wrong with buying your wife something from Tiffany? What is wrong with that? Why is that a problem? The only difference is Newt bought it with his own money. Democrats never do it with their own money; they always use ours.”

“I think all of this — the shootings, the drugs, the squalor, the filth, everything — associated with Occupy Wall Street you can trace right back to the White House. They got what they wanted. Barack Obama was the inspiration for the Occupy movement.”

“The Democrats are stuck on tax increases, which will reduce revenue to the Treasury, will kill job creation, will create more of the idiocy that we are living with now.”

“Obama’s entire reelection strategery is to blame Congress for not producing legislation that he wants, that will create jobs, that will reduce the deficit, all this smoke and mirror stuff, all these lies coming out of the White House.”

“The good news is that the cops have finally liberated Zuccotti Park from the Occupy army of these lousy hippies, thieves, rapists, purse snatchers, muggers who were camped out there. The bad news is that they’re now back out on the streets, and in New York who’s gonna notice the difference? Other places you might be able to tell.”

“If you are a parent of a returning hero from Occupy Wall Street you might want to put some newspaper down at strategic points inside the house, particularly the bedrooms where your brave hero sons and daughters are returning home after this valiant effort to overturn whatever it was they wanted overturned.”

“The Democrats are not about increasing revenue. Increasing government is what they want to do, and the way to do that is take money out of the private sector and people’s pockets who live there, you and me; and the way to do that is to raise our taxes.”

“You know things have gotta be bad when they start comparing you to Mayor Dinkins. That has to hurt.”

“For those of you in Rio Linda, an e-book is a book that you would read on a Kindle. That may not help. Uh, it is a book that you would read on an iPad. It is a book that you would read on an iPod Touch.”

“So I got my letter yesterday, folks. New York state is auditing my taxes for ’08, ’09, and ’10. And I haven’t worked in New York any of those years. So every year from 1996, New York state and city are auditing your host.”

“What bothers me is the presumption that Obama’s smart, that Obama somehow has dazzling intelligence. Take him off a teleprompter, and it’s a potential train wreck.”

“It really isn’t that complicated. Conservatism is not that hard to explain. I’ve done it for 23 years. I did it at my CPAC speech. Liberalism is sometimes easier, ’cause it’s all fake and phony.”

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