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“We are three years into Barack Obama’s war on prosperity and I think Americans are coming to grips with the upside, if not the necessity, of limited government.”

“What is so arduous about traveling once a week? Major League Baseball teams are traveling constantly. NBA teams are traveling constantly. They are leaving after night games at two o’clock in the morning. They are arriving where they’re going at five in the morning and playing sometimes an afternoon game that day, certainly a night game that night.”

“Market capitalism is the answer. Robust liberty and freedom for the American people is the answer, and then a government willing, after unleashing that, to get out of its way is the answer.”

“So there’s a pattern out there. Whenever a new Republican, the anti-Romney, the non-Romney, the un-Romney reaches the top or near the top in the polling data, then here come all of the relentless assaults on their character, past, and their integrity, from the Drive-By Media.”

“Every one of our potential nominees has the ability to make people feel good about this country.”

“The media applauds Obama for running against Congress. Congress has a higher approval rating than the media does. Why shouldn’t the Republican run against the media?”

“I think one of the problems with Romney that he has is that the whole thing is called Romneycare. How do you abandon something with your name on it? Imagine if sitting on a couch with the Speaker of the House was called a Newtie. Could you just easily disavow a Newtie if it was your name on the thing?”

“Traveling in the NFL it’s always held up as a potential excuse for doing poorly, in advance. And then if the team loses, it’s always cited as a potential factor, especially these Thursday night games.”

“A Republican who is articulating conservatism proudly, competently, confidently, nobody should be surprised that that person is nearing the top of the heap.”

“Here we have Barack Obama, who’s traveling the world and this country and telling everybody he’s focused like a laser on job creation. He’s doing his level best to prevent the creation of jobs, particularly in the oil industry because if he does he runs the risk of losing his base.”

“Any attempt to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, any attempt to bring them in line and make them behave in a standard, common-sense business way was looked at as an assault on the poor. And the left did everything they could with their media to stand up and defend Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as great institutions helping the poor, the great unwashed.”

“Our nominee must say we will be great again and the first step in the process is getting rid of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. Whichever of these people seeking the nomination makes that case the most consistently and the most believably and the most sincerely, not as phony sales type presentation but genuinely means it, that’s who’s gonna get this nomination in the end.”

“I’m a football aficionado, and I know as much about football as I do about politics world affairs, culture, sociology, and all that, but one thing has always puzzled me about it. And that is coaches and players lamenting the arduous aspects of travel in the National Football League.”

“First conservative constitutional principles are the answer. Articulating that as fact with depth and conviction is what the people of this country want.”

“The American people understand that American decline is being happily presided over by Barack Obama, the acolytes, stenographers and the fellow travelers in the media who build Obama up facilitate America’s decline.”

“The problem is Barack Obama. The problem is the Democrat Party. The problem is the American left. America’s greatness is not behind us. America’s greatness is here. It’s on the horizon.”

“I have been invited to the TIME Magazine 100 party. I’ve never gone to it. Why not? The same reason I don’t go to the White House Correspondents Dinner. Why do I want to hang around with people who don’t like me? Why do I want to subject myself, especially when you have wear a tuxedo to boot.”

“If you’re worried about the food pyramid and Moochelle Obama, just wait until both of them have total power over our health care. The food pyramid will seem like chump change if that ever happens.”

“One of my all-time favorite times of the year, the holiday season. Christmastime, yes!”

“The Republican Party is still vetting their candidates, and despite what anybody tells you, we do not know who the nominee will be.”

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