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RUSH: We haven’t even touched it yet. I have a couple thoughts on this Herman Cain, the latest Herman Cain babe, just based on what’s been reported. Now, for the record, and according to the original news report on Ginger White’s accusations, here’s what we know. She filed a sexual harassment claim against an employer in 2001. That case was settled, although the news reports never mentioned how or in whose favor. It appears she might have lost since the settlement does not seem to have helped her finances since then. She also had a bankruptcy 23 years ago. Ginger White also has had a number of eviction notices over the past six years.

The most recent happened this month, although she says in interview that she never been evicted. Ginger White was also sued by former business partner who also sought a stalking temporary protective order against her for repeated e-mail and texts; and another business partner (it might be the same base partner) said, “I never heard her mention Herman Cain’s name. In all these years that I’ve known her, she’s never mentioned Herman Cain’s name.” Again, she was sued by a former business partner who sought a stalking temporary protective order against her for repeated e-mails and texts. That case was dismissed, but it was followed by a libel lawsuit from her partner which White lost because she didn’t show up to fight it.

But the news media are only too happy to accept such a questionable woman as a reliable source if she can help them bring down a Republican. Meanwhile, this interview with Stephanopoulos. Stephanopoulos did not argue with her about whether Cain would make a good president. It’s big news that Ginger White says, “I don’t think he’d be a good president,” but we know that Stephanopoulos believes that Bill Clinton made a great president, and Bill Clinton is still the grand Pooh-Bah when it comes to all this kind of stuff and he made a great president. Ginger White says, “I don’t think Herman Cain would be a good president,” and Stephanopoulos did not question that. But even if all of these accusations against Herman Cain are proved to be true, Herman Cain has a long way to go to match Bill Clinton’s record.

In fact, Bill Clinton was even said to be the first black president. He’s done it all! Also note how once again the 60 — there are somehow 60 — texts between Ginger White and Herman Cain are trotted out as the only proof of their close relationship. Even though this woman has been accused of stalking via repeated e-mails and texts by other people. Now, I don’t know about you. I haven’t been able to find how many of these texts are from White to Cain or from Cain to White. I don’t know who’s texting who here. Have they made this clear yet in any of this? I haven’t seen it. Are they unable to count them? And where is any documentation, any other proof of their relationship other than these texts?

I mean, you would think that after a 13- or 14-year affair there’d have to be a blue dress or something tangible out there she could produce to document her claims of such a long-term sexual affair. Also this lady says it took place at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, and at the Four Seasons restaurant, which Herman likes. He lives in Atlanta! They walk into a hotel, you go up the elevators for 13 years — or five, however many years — involving the Buckhead Ritz-Carlton? Somebody in there is gonna see this, even if you’re going up by yourself, you know, “Oh, there’s Herman Cain! Yeah, he lives here in Atlanta. Yeah, he’s taking the elevator up to the fourth floor or tenth whatever it is. What’s going on up there? The Restaurant Association doesn’t have a meeting.”

I don’t know. These are just my first thoughts. Regardless, the media believed that they have accomplished their mission to kill the Cain campaign — and I don’t know, they may be right. ‘Cause you know what they know? They don’t have to prove any actual wrongdoing anymore. They don’t have to prove that. All they have to do is create enough doubt about the candidate in the minds of his donors and then the money stops, and that’s it. It’s all they have to do. The campaign will die, and when you don’t even question the credibility of the sources, this is easy as pie to do! Stop and think: You know, Herman Cain was going through colon cancer treatment during some of these 13 years. (sigh)

This woman said she finally came out ’cause she got fed up with the way the sexual harassment babes were being treated. I said, “What? Three weeks after the sexual harassment babes you come out and say you’re engaged in a 13-year affair with the guy?” You have to assume you love the guy, you have to send there some sort of emotional connection. Maybe not love but there’s gotta be some sort of emotional connection, and these sexual harassment babes come forward and you don’t like the way they’re demonized so you now come out? Herman didn’t demonize ’em, did he? Herman didn’t demonize the sexual harassment babes. One of the sexual harassment babes refused to show up and be in a panel with the other two sexual harassment babes — and, by the way, where are the details of the sexual harassment babes?

They came and they’re gone. Where is their evidence? Do you realize there still isn’t any evidence of this. (interruption) But what? (interruption) I know. Where there’s smoke, there are two media people rubbing sticks together. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I know. This Ginger White said she can’t “image,” I think she meant “imagine.” She couldn’t “image” waking up one morning and deciding to come out with this if it wasn’t true. Even though she’d been convicted of libel. This woman’s been convicted of libel, but she can’t imagine waking up and deciding to come out with this; and she talks to George Stephanopoulos who ran Clinton’s war room, the bimbo eruptions and so forth.

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