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RUSH: No, it’s not about that! It’s not about that. It’s all about the Senate. That’s all it’s about. It’s about maybe taking the Senate and holding the House. They’ve given up on winning the White House, Snerdley. It’s not about anything other than that. I’ve explained it once before. I’ll be happy to explain it again. No, folks, we’re talking about here the long knives are out for Newt Gingrich … in the Republican Party! In what you think is the conservative movement. There is no conservative movement per se that includes conservative media. I’ve finally come to that conclusion: There is no conservative movement. We are conservative movement people — the Tea Party are, you and I — but in conservative media circles they don’t consider themselves part of the conservative movement.

I really think that will go a long way to explaining the things people scratch their heads about. So Herman Cain dropped out of the race. I tell you, folks, I am so conflicted about this on a number of levels, but the one thing that… (sigh) Well, I’m not even sure of this anymore. I was gonna say, “Somebody show me the evidence,” but I think there probably is some now, the Ginger White thing. If it weren’t for that you could say that the media has another scalp to put on their belt. Others are arguing, “No, no, no, Rush! This is the system working. Come on, Rush, face it: The guy didn’t have a clue on foreign policy. The system has worked. It’s weeded out somebody that’s unqualified.” Well, you can think about it however you wish.

Now, what I was talking about here at the beginning of the program: The long knives are out for Newt Gingrich. Folks, George Will has called Newt Gingrich in a column a “Marxist.” I don’t think he’s ever called Obama a Marxist! Everybody’s dumping all over Trump. Trump is gonna moderate a debate on December 27th that’s gonna have about two viewers, and everybody in the conservative establishment is dumping on Trump, and so Trump is turning around and dumping on them, and we’ve got the audio sound bites. I haven’t listened to the audio sound bites. I’ve got the roster, got the transcripts. Some of it’s quite funny. I’ll tell you, folks, this is fascinating to watch. We have the most unqualified guy to walk in the room no matter what room he goes into in Barack Obama.

We have an absolute disaster leading the country, an absolute walking disaster in Barack Hussein Obama; and we are witnessing — you and I are witnessing — the systematic destruction of every Republican that comes along and threatens Romney and Romney’s hold on the nomination. The only Republican who’s not being attacked by anybody is Romney. For example, there’s a PBS show on Friday called Inside Washington. I don’t know broadcast details. I don’t watch PBS anymore, so I don’t know if it’s syndicated around the country on PBS affiliates or not. But it is obviously broadcast in Washington, and the liberals on Inside Washington Friday were giddy at the thought of Gingrich as the Republican nominee.

Mark “Maxi” Shields said, “The Republican field — Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman — stand between a landslide reelection victory of Barack Obama if Newt Gingrich is the nominee. If Newt Gingrich is the nominee, it’ll not be a competitive race. It will be a landslide for Obama. It”l be a walk for reelection at a time when the nation needs a meaningful debate.” Mark “Maxi” Shields! Nina Totenberg. I know who these people are. So do you, too. Just hang with me, folks. As always, we’re headed somewhere here. Nina Totenberg, NPR: “I don’t think Barack Obama has led such a good life that he deserves or will get Newt Gingrich as an opponent, but it’s possible, and it’s possible at the moment because of the time.

“I mean, we’re very close to the [Hawkeye Cauci], and the New Hampshire primary now. It feels like this thing been going on forever and will go on forever. But it’s about a month or less now, and so the time to pierce that balloon and watch it fizzle is evaporating, and he may beat the time, may beat the clock,” meaning Gingrich. Then the moderator, the fossil, Gordon Peterson said, “You have a very long record of consistency, Colby. Do you find anything wrong with that statement?” Colbert King, Washington Post: No, I like everything going on right now. God answers Democrat prayers, and so I hope if we just hold on, Newt will make it, make it to the nomination.

“That would be just beautiful.” So all these Democrats, all these liberals are hoping and praying for Gingrich that that equals an Obama landslide. But their counterparts on the right are saying the same thing. At National Review, at the Weekly Standard, George Will, they’re all saying the same thing about Gingrich, for whatever reasons. The reasons run the gamut. He’s undisciplined, he’s self-educated, he’s inside Washington, he’s not the outsider, he’s a phony, he’s been all over the ball park, he’s not a conservative, he misleads people. You’ve heard the laundry list of criticisms about Mr. Newt. But what it boils down to here, folks, as I have studied this… In fact, let me take you back to me on this program as recently as November 10th. Listen to this sound bite from me, your host.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I think they are more concerned, our consultants, with holding the House and winning the Senate. I think they believe (deep down in the depths of their souls) that Obama can’t be beat. I think they look at Mitt Romney as the single only hope we have of taking the Senate even if he loses the presidential race. … [T]hey’re looking at Romney not because he can beat Obama, but because he can limit the damage in the Senate and House races, which is what they really want.I do believe that in some cases (and I’m not prepared to name names right now) on our side they would rather Obama win than a full-throated conservative beat him, because they don’t control the conservatives. They don’t control the Tea Party; they don’t control where that victorious conservative candidate would come from.

RUSH: I don’t think anything’s changed. That’s November 10th; this is December 5th. I don’t think anything’s changed. Doesn’t matter. When Herman Cain threatens Romney, what happens? When Newt threatens Romney, what happens? When anybody threatens Romney, what happens? Both parties launch salvos at whoever it is. When Bachmann won the straw poll coming out of Iowa, what happened? They went for her. (Now, she helped.) Perry launched big. Now, everybody says, “Rush, wait a minute, now, old buddy, old pal.You gotta realize system worked here! Cain wasn’t qualified, Rush. You know it and I know it. Cain had no business being anywhere. He didn’t even know where Europe is much less foreign policy.”

Folks, if the system “worked,” we wouldn’t have Obama as president. Don’t give me this “system works” business. It works for one side! The other side doesn’t get half the treatment, doesn’t get 10% of the treatment our side gets. Obama still hasn’t been vetted and now his protectors are out there, “Don’t you dare bring up Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers this time! Don’t you dare go there! Don’t you dare do it.” Is anybody saying, “Don’t you dare go after Gingrich and that wives business? Don’t you dare!” No, everybody says, “Hey, let’s go after Newt! Let’s destroy Newt! Let’s destroy everybody but Romney,” and I’m telling you, I’m telling you it’s because our establishment doesn’t doesn’t think Obama can be beat. “Why, Rush? Why?” Because they live inside the Beltway.

Their world is there. What are they treated to every day? They live in a place run by the liberals. They live in a place dominated by the Democrats. They live in a place that’s run socially, politically, news-wise, media-wise, whatever, by the left. All they see every day is themselves, a distinct ineffective minority. But they do think they’ve got a chance to win the Senate and get their committee chairmanships and put themselves in charge of the money, and they think Romney — I’m convinced of this — gives them the best chance of holding the House and winning the Senate. That a genuine conservative… They’re scared to death. They think independents run away from conservatives as fast as chickens run away from Colonel Sanders. That’s what they think. They believe this, despite the evidence. They think conservatives scare reasonable people as far away as they can get ’em. Not kidding.

Don’t doubt me, folks.

I know who we’re talking about here. I know who these people are, and I know that they’ve reacted this way to conservatives ever since the days of Ronaldus Magnus. You know it and I know it. Now, okay, you still doubt me? (laughing) I have set you up! Let’s go back to the audio. This is NBC’s Meet the Depressed. The host David Gregory. Remember now: There’s no news on these shows. I told you last week: There’s no news in the media anymore. It’s not about news. It’s about marching; it’s about advancing an agenda. So David Gregory spoke with the BBC’s chief Washington correspondent, Katty Kay — “Katty” Kay; the very catty Katty Kay of the BBC — about the Republican primary and Gingrich, and David Gregory says, “What about this insider thing? I mean, this guy as Speaker, he was second in line to the president. You don’t get much more inside than that! I mean, you don’t have to, you know, look at the lobbying piece or, you know, the strategic advising to Freddie Mac to make him an insider.”

KAY: The question at the moment, I think, for the Romney campaign is: How hard do they go after Newt Gingrich? But they’re gonna have to find a way, I think, to tackle Newt Gingrich. Republicans in the establishment of the Republican Party that you speak to are terrified of a Newt Gingrich campaign. They believe that he could not only lose the Republicans the White House at a time when this is theirs to take, but that he could also lose them seats in the House and the Senate as well. This is a real concern amongst the establishment.

RUSH: I told you this back on November 10th. I know. I know you’re dazzled and you say, “Gosh, how does he do it? How does he know?” I know these people. I know liberals whether they’re Republicans or Democrats. I know Democrats. I know squishy when I see squishy, whether it be Republican or Democrat — and I also remember why they hated Christine O’Donnell and why they hated Sharron Angle, ’cause they didn’t care about the movement, folks. They cared about their Senate chairmanships; they cared about getting themselves in charge of the money. The only thing Katty Kay is wrong about is these people don’t think the White House is theirs to be had. I don’t believe they think that. I think they think Obama is probably shoo-in. I talk to enough of these people, not them directly, specifically.

You’ve heard it. I mean, how many of you people get depressed each and every day ’cause here’s somebody somewhere saying, “Oh, Obama can’t lose. At the end of the day, 47% of the people don’t pay taxes, 42% of the people are on food stamps, 99% of the people get some sort of government help. No way we can get their votes.” You hear this every day, right? And it depresses you. I’m telling you, people live inside the Beltway believe this stuff, too. “Obama’s got a billion dollars to spend, he can’t be beat! So what do we do? We gotta hold onto the House and we gotta maybe take over the Senate,” and that’s what our nominee’s job is going to be. Let’s continue here, the Sunday morning media montage — well, not a media montage. Got Barney Frank, Kirsten Powers, Harold Ford Jr., George Will, Mark “Maxi” Shields all talking about Newt and the presidential race.

FRANK: He would lose heavily, and a lot of Democrats would win races in which there would be great fallout.

POWERS: In a general election, I think, it’s gonna scare off moderates, is gonna scare off independents.

FORD: If he’s the nominee, Democrats are strengthened. Democrats will win back seats in the Senate and maybe even take the House.

WILL: I would expect Newt Gingrich would bring the two parties together as no one else could, but they’d be together against him.

SHIELDS: A landslide reelection victory of Barack Obama if Newt Gingrich is the nominee. It will not be a competitive race. It will be a landslide, it will be a walk to reelection.

RUSH: There you have it. You heard Republicans — well, you heard one Republican in there, Will — but the rest them. Now, what is it about Newt? What is it about Newt that’s gonna cause this landslide loss? What is it? What is it that gonna join with the two parties together against Newt? What is it that’s gonna send all these moderates and independents scared and running back to the Democrats? What is it about Newt Gingrich that’s gonna do that? Hmm? Is it really gonna scare people? Is Newt gonna scare the independents and moderates back to Democrats? Is all of this gonna happen? (interruption) Exactly right. The economy won’t matter. Peoples lives won’t matter. The fact they don’t have houses and homes worth anything, the fact they don’t have jobs, won’t matter? Newt Gingrich is gonna run everybody back to the liberal Democrats. That’s what the experts and that’s what the elites say. Why? Somebody tell me why. Come on, Snerdley, tell me why. (interruption) Stop! You just named it. You just answered it.


RUSH: No, the answer is very simple, folks. I’ll answer my own question. You know the answer. The reason there is this paranoia about Gingrich — and that’s how you’d have to describe it — the answer very simple. Why is all of this disaster gonna happen if Newt’s the nominee? Because in these people’s view, he’s conservative, in their mind. They’re not thinking of Newt in the double-talk Nancy Pelosi commercial on couch on global warming. They just see Newt as a archconservative, and the Republicans see an archconservative as a guaranteed loser. Republicans… Establishment Republicans, Beltway Republicans, even some Beltway media types believe that an archconservative — someone they think is or call, refer to as, an archconservative — will panic and frighten independents and moderates.

Remember, now, the establishment of both parties thinks that independent and moderates win elections. If you get them, you win the election. These people think that Gingrich is gonna scare the independents and moderates all the way back to Obama, forgetting what happened in the midterms of 2010. It’s utter paranoia. Now, the left — Mark “Maxi” Shields and his crowd — are afraid of conservative because they know it wins. This is the dichotomy. The left fears conservatism because they know it wins. The Republican establishment fears conservatism because they think it loses. So we end up pulling our hair out here trying to come up with some people on our team, in our movement to join us — and we look and we find that neither establishment, neither party establishment is with us.

We are the enemy — and, by the way, given this scenario, it also tells us that neither establishment considers Romney to be all that conservative. If Romney were thought to be a conservative, they would be trying to destroy him, too. Now, you might think this is a little simplistic. It isn’t. It is the explanation. There’s no rationality here unless you redefine rational to explain the day-to-day beliefs of different elements of the Democrat and Republican establishment. Some things they see eye-to-eye on; some things they don’t, obviously. But when it comes to conservatism, they both fear conservatives (albeit for different reasons). So when Shields and these guys talk about Gingrich creating a landslide for Obama, they are really speaking 180 degrees out of phase.

They fear a landslide loss for Obama the hands of a real conservative. However, there is another hand here, and that is to certain element of the Tea Party Gingrich isn’t an archconservative. He isn’t a conservative, period. But they’re willing to overlook it, and do you know why? Again, the answer is simple. Republicans are looking at these debates. How many have there been, 15 so far? And there are more coming. When I say “Republicans,” let’s say “Tea Party voters.” They look at these debates and then they anticipate debates coming up between Obama and whoever the Republican nominee is; and I’m here to tell you that Tea Party people, Republicans — I don’t care where you go — are so sick and tired of Republican candidates sounding stupid, looking stupid, that they will support anybody who just sounds smart.

It doesn’t matter what they say. If somebody sounds smart, if somebody looks smart, that’s fine for a lot of them, because they’re fed up with Republicans who seem slow, halting, stupid, dumb, uninformed. They’re tired of it! They had to live through eight years of that allegation against George W. Bush with Bush not defending himself against it, with the Bush administration not reacting to it. So for ten years now, Republicans have had to put up this notion that all their nominees are stupid, idiots, can’t talk, can’t think out loud, and so a Republican — like Newt who comes along, who can do all those things? (clapping) They say, “All right!” and people rest easy and are willing to overlook when there are some shortcomings — and, by the way, the same fear exists with the Democrats.

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