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RUSH: If you’ll recall, I and I alone, I believe, El Rushbo long ago predicted to you, or opined that the Occupy Wall Street movement was a creation of the regime’s, because Romney is perceived as Wall Street. They want Romney, and they assume they’re going to be running against Romney, and who could blame them. I mean, if you’re the Obama regime and you take a look conservative media today, you would have to assume that the Republican Party also wants Romney. Okay, it’s inevitable. So you gear up for Romney.

And if you — and Obama’s out in Osawatomie, Kansas, today trying to redo Teddy Roosevelt in 2012, trying to expand on this whole class welfare business. If you’re gonna run against the 1% and the 1% equals Wall Street you need a candidate that you can tie to Wall Street, i.e., Romney. Romney’s out there talking about it. “I’ve been a success in the private sector. I know these things. I’ve built and run businesses. I saved the Olympics. I did all of these things. Bain Capital.” So they got their Wall Street guy made to order. Then all of a sudden, look what’s happening. Here comes Newt — or, before him, here came Herman. Prior to him, here came Perry; whoever was. But none of these guys — Michele Bachmann included — can be as tied to Wall Street as Mitt Romney.

So I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from the Washington Post on December 4th. It is by Peter Wallsten and Anne E. Kornblut. Let me give you the headline: “Some Democrat Strategists Worry About Gingrich’s Potential Appeal.” Some Democrat strategerists? Okay, now stick with me on this. “Newt Gingrich would be such a weak challenger to President Barack Obama, according to Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., that his nomination would be ‘the best thing to happen to Democrats since Barry Goldwater.’ Democratic strategist Jim Jordan says he and others in the party ‘passionately’ want to face Gingrich. And from the right, conservative pundit Ann Coulter is warning fellow Republicans that Gingrich’s past extramarital affairs and other baggage make him a far less formidable GOP nominee than Mitt Romney. But…”


Third paragraph, here: “But even as Gingrich’s sudden rise has filled many Obama supporters with cheer and some Republicans with dread, some Democratic strategists worry that the combative former House speaker would present some challenges for the Obama [regime] that would not exist if Romney were the GOP candidate. Where Romney, the former business executive and Massachusetts governor, poses a threat in his ability to win independents and conservative Democrats…” Wait a minute, Obama’s given up on the conservative Democrats! Conservative Democrats are the “white working class families” that Obama has abandoned. So we’re gonna pick those people up no matter who the nominee is. That was eight days ago in the New York Times. A piece by Thomas B. Edsall said the regime is just abandoning the votes of white working class families. That would be these white conservative Democrats.

They say here “Gingrich could pursue a strategy that combines energizing the conservative base and chipping away Democratic support among Hispanics … Some Democrats believe that Gingrich, a hero of the conservative movement, would excite the party base more than a former liberal-state governor with a history of centrist views.” (That’d be Romney.) “And voters yearning for authenticity may be more open to the voluble and rumpled Gingrich, who frequently discusses his past mistakes and his recent conversion to Catholicism.” But here is the money paragraph: Newt “‘does not carry Wall Street baggage,’ said one Democratic strategist working on the Obama reelection effort, requesting anonymity to freely discuss his thinking. ‘He’s really smart. He’s definitely authentic,'” and there you have the fear.

Occupy Wall Street. By the way, Dana Milbank in the Washington Post today officially calls Occupy Wall Street a failure as a movement. Newt “does not carry Wall Street baggage.” “He’s really smart. He’s definitely authentic.” (interruption) Well, it is an amazing phrase, but it is indicative of where the Obama campaign is headed. He “does not carry Wall Street baggage.” Well, who does? In their mind, Romney. Obama’s out in Osawatomie, Kansas, today when he starts talking about everybody paying their fair share and all that, that’s aimed at Wall Street people. That’s aimed at the 1% — this mythical, magical group of hated Americans that we’ve gotta screw to get even with. Here’s what I said. Let’s go back to October 6th on this show, this is what I said about Occupy Wall Street and the presidential race.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I think, folks, the regime wants to run against Mitt Romney. That’s what I think. Here’s what I’m thinking: When do you think these astroturf protests were first talked about, this Occupy Wall Street thing? How long have they been in the works, do you think? I have been asking myself this, ’cause this is not spontaneous eruption here. This is a well-thought-out plan.

RUSH: Right. And it was aimed at Romney. Romney equals Wall Street; Occupy Wall Street is aimed at him — and now in this Washington Post story, Newt “doesn’t carry Wall Street baggage,” and this guy speaking on a condition of anonymity. No, he doesn’t want anybody to know who he is ’cause he’s given up the ghost here, and he doesn’t want it coming back to him. Newt’s really smart, definitely authentic. He doesn’t carry Wall Street baggage. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. So while the main thrust of the story is that Democrat strategists are ecstatic and can’t wait to run against Newt ’cause he’s such a goofball — he’s had so many affairs, he’s so uncontrollable, he’s so Bill Clinton. Let’s be honest here, folks. If we’re gonna categorize Gingrich this way, can we categorize Bill Clinton as “undisciplined”? That wasn’t a problem for anybody! At any rate, “He doesn’t carry Wall Street baggage.” There you have it. And you couple this with all of the attacks on Newt from the Republican side today, and to me it’s perfectly clear what’s happening.

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