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RUSH: Here’s Elizabeth in western New York on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: Hi. I’m nervous. Bear with me. How are you? Thanks for taking any call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I have three comments. My first is about your TwoIfByTea.com video contest.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Okay, there is a saying, Rush, if you’re gonna talk the talk, walk the walk.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And I want to tell you what I see by what you’ve given the American people here. You talk about exceptionalism and achievements and what the American people can do as opposed to Obama and the liberals who say, “No, no, no, we can’t do anything. We’re stupid. We can’t do anything without the government.” What I see with this is — and I’ve looked at some examples on the website. People are brilliant. What you did, and I don’t know if anybody else saw this. What you did was throw an opportunity out there for anybody that wanted to compete. You didn’t give ’em a government handout. You gave them the rules. You didn’t have them tied to your apron strings like the Democrats. And my God, what you got back, it shows what the American people can do.

RUSH: What she’s talking about are the 30-second television commercial submissions that —


RUSH: — that customers of Two If By Tea have submitted. You can see them at RushLimbaugh.com or our


RUSH: Okay, we’re back to Elizabeth in western New York. I want to thank you for making reference to this. I don’t talk about this much because I don’t want to irritate people by talking about Two If By Tea. Two If By Tea’s a sponsor of this program. We’re like any other sponsor, and I have to be judicious. Now, you called about it and I really appreciate it because you’re right, it has been so hard to pick the top three winners of the people who have submitted. We asked them to submit a 30-second commercial, we gave ’em some guidelines, video commercial for Two If By Tea, and we’ve got the third place and second place winner up. The first place winner will be put up next week, early next week, but you’re right, people are just itching to be turned loose and be creative.

CALLER: Yes. Can I just a second?

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: What I want people to see is that when you did this, think about starting a business in this country, they didn’t have to pay a startup tax. They didn’t have to go through restrictions and all kinds of environmental, they didn’t have anything binding them, you just said, “Go for it,” and it parallels what we could do as a country and individuals with our businesses if we didn’t have all these handcuffs on, “Well, you can’t do that, you can’t do this. You’ve gotta fill out this form, that form.” You just said, “Go for it.” That’s all you did. And you gave them a couple of rules, 30 seconds, and said turn it in by this deadline. I’m praying that people see that behind all of this you are walking the walk that you talk, as all conservatives talk. I’m a conservative, by the way. And it’s like if you just let us do what we can do, we can do it, and this is in such direct contradiction to Obama. Oh, no, no, no, no, you need our help, and we’re gonna send you to school, and we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that —

RUSH: And work retraining sessions and —

CALLER: Yeah. And the talent is out there. I was so upset when Obama said we’re lazy and there’s no talent and we haven’t done what the American founders wanted us to do. Remember that statement?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: You know why? Because they won’t let us. And your contest is a direct example of what we can do —

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER: — if given that chance —

RUSH: We didn’t require an environmental impact statement.

CALLER: Right. We didn’t require any of that. People didn’t have to worry about that.

RUSH: I’ll tell you, people set fires in the woods in these commercials.

CALLER: All they had to do was focus on —

RUSH: Campfires, campfires they set campfires in the woods!

CALLER: They didn’t have to drive from state to state and say, “Where can we go where taxes will be less on this?” And this does show that the Constitution is alive, people can do things. I wasn’t able to see them all, but they’re not obnoxious, they’re not, you know, they’re not making fun of religion or anything, and I’m saying this because I want people to see behind this and see what I see, which I think many people have, this is what your program is all about. This is what your message and all conservatives message is about: Get out of our way and we can rebuild this country just like this commercial. And one more aside. Don’t think it’s gonna stop here because each one of these people that’s done this, somebody’s gonna see it and they’re gonna say, “Hey, he’s got talent. How about this, how about that?” See what I mean?

RUSH: Exactly. It all feeds off of itself.

CALLER: It’s all gonna multiply and I thank you. I don’t have that kind of talent but I wanted you to know that I saw the message behind it, and I’ve been calling and calling to tell you, and do you have any other questions for me? Because I had two little more comments if I can make ’em.

RUSH: Yeah, I do have a question for you.

CALLER: Yeah, go ahead.

RUSH: You want an iPad?

CALLER: Get out, really?

RUSH: Yeah, or an iPhone, take your pick.

CALLER: I have an iPhone so I’ll take the iPad.

RUSH: Okay, so I’ll give you an iPad.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: Do you want white or black?

CALLER: Well, I am black. (laughing.)

RUSH: So you gotta be consistent in color, I’ll send you a black iPad.

CALLER: No, I want a white one signed by you.

RUSH: Oh, a white one. Well, they are, these are engraved.

CALLER: Come on, I’m not into that.

RUSH: These are Rush signature engraved iPads.

CALLER: Yes. Thank you so much.

RUSH: I’m gonna also send you some Shari’s Berries.

CALLER: Okay. Whatever they are, fine.

RUSH: They’re strawberries, they’re chocolate-covered strawberries.

CALLER: Oh, okay, great.

RUSH: What’s the other point you want to make? And, by the way, when we’re finished don’t hang up because we need to get —

CALLER: Oh, I’m not gonna hang up. Two little things, your New York program, you know, I waited for my husband to get home from work, I’m streaming it on the laptop because, you know, I’m a member and I love this. I guess I can say what I want to say. I guess like you know how there’s different things that you can stream live on TV?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: It would be great if up the line somehow you might flirt with the idea of getting it streamed on there, you know, so those of us that have those services can sit down and stream some of your broadcasts on our TV like we can — you know, do you know what I mean?

RUSH: It is.

CALLER: It is?

RUSH: You will be able with this iPad —


RUSH: — via a program called AirPlay, if you’ve got an Apple TV. It’s built into the iPad. You’ll be able to project this on your television set.

CALLER: Okay, great, great, because my little —

RUSH: But you need to have an Apple TV to do that, and that’s just a little set-top box, 99 bucks via iTunes, but you can do it.

CALLER: Oh, okay, great.

RUSH: We have not made a — are you talking about like Netflix makes everything available on the big screen?

CALLER: No, actually, Amazon has this Roku now, and you can stream Netflix and —

RUSH: Well, but the Apple TV is like a Roku.


RUSH: It will work with the Roku, too, I think, but as you get into this you’ll see you can do that.

CALLER: Okay, great. I love that stuff. And one more thing.

RUSH: You can actually mirror it from the iPad with the iOS 5. You’ll be able to mirror it to the TV without Apple TV, so you’ll be able to project it on your TV. I project it on my 14-foot screen.

CALLER: Yeah, that would be better than huddling around the laptop. You know, it’s kinda hard, but it’s worth it, but it’s kinda hard. The last thing is, I order your tea relentlessly, okay? Did you ever think of making it available to be paid through PayPal?

RUSH: Oh. That’s for customer service. Make that suggestion to them. (laughing) Seriously, make that a request of customer service. There’s a place there on the website for that kind of thing. We are constantly taking suggestions and growing and trying to accommodate every which way we can for people that want to buy the tea. Look, Elizabeth, I do have to run. But I thank you so much.

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