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RUSH: I got a note here just moments ago from my good friend and often referenced buddy, Professor Hazlett who I met back in Sacramento when I first moved there 1984. I met Professor Hazlett, he was quite irritated. I had referred to him as a conservative economist, which ticked him off. He was a Libertarian economist. I’ve since changed him, but he called to let me know that I was not totally correct in describing him on the air, KFBK, and we’ve become fast friends. He sends this note and says, “You know, I was driving to the office earlier and I heard you on Senator Corzine‘s lame attempt to plead ignorance as to the raiding of investors’ accounts at MF Global. I was thinking about Sarbanes-Oxley, which sought to end corporate malfeasance like from Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing, by forcing CEOs to take responsibility for accounting scandals. They have to sign annual reports under penalty of perjury, et cetera.”

This is his polite way of saying you blew it. (laughing) Professor Hazlett sends me a note: You blew it. He actually wrote, “You probably got to this after I was in my office and not listening.” What he means is you blew it because you shoulda mentioned this. “Several items are hitting this hard. Corzine was a cosponsor of Sarbanes-Oxley.” So really there is no out. All these people, “Oh, it’s a tragedy for Corzine.” He blamed his predecessor at MF Global, Bush, whoever ran MF Global. But he was not held to the same Sarbanes-Oxley strictures that other CEOs have been held to because he’s a Democrat and he has the right view on abortion. It really is no more complicated than that, folks. The right view on the environment, global warming, they will not throw their people overboard. They will not throw ’em overboard. They will save ’em, they’ll prop ’em up. That’s the difference between the left and us. We will throw our people overboard with a hangnail.

How many conservatives seeking the Republican nomination have been thrown overboard, happily so by the Republicans? Read our so-called conservative media critique these people and list all of their imperfections. You don’t see the other side doing this. They don’t throw their people away; they protect ’em. “Well, Mr. Limbaugh, we should get rid of our bad apples.” No, you misunderstand. Nobody’s perfect. You know why we throw our people overboard? ‘Cause we’re gutless. Because we think the moderates will vote for us that way. We think by throwing our people overboard, that the people who think we’re racists and bigots and homophobes won’t think we are.

In politics, can I give you a profundity? Nobody ever won anything defending anything. You win by being on offense and being on the attack. You do not get votes by being defensive. You do not get votes by trying to repel attacks. You do not get anywhere defending anything. And our side refuses to learn that. Stop and think about it. If you’re having trouble with it, think about it over the weekend. Nobody won beans defending anything. Either a charge against ’em, whether it’s false — talk to Herman Cain. Was Herman Cain able to defend himself and stay on message and go on? Nobody wins anything defending. And our side is totally defending and trying via our defense to prove that we’re not racists, sexist, bigot, homophobes. We will throw our people overboard, in fact, in trying to defend everybody else.


RUSH: In politics nobody won anything defending anything. I know your instinct is to say, “Rush, I can give you examples where you’re wrong.” Scott Walker, recall. Who’s on offense there, who’s on defense? He’s not gonna win this simply by defending. He’s gonna have to go on offense himself to get his votes. And our side won’t do it, ’cause we’re afraid of offending the New York Times or offending moderates or independents or what have you.

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