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RUSH: Corzine, as we know, testified yesterday about the MF-ers. He said he didn’t know where the money went. (imitating Corzine) “I have no clue. I really wish I did. I don’t think I committed a crime, but I may have. But I don’t know. I just don’t know where the money is.” He was properly greased with the hair there. Did you see that? On the sides.

By the way, do you know who bought all of this MF debt? Soros. George Soros made a profit from buying MF Global’s bonds. George Soros, $2 billion worth of it. And he’s making a profit off of it. Now, the media, we have a series of media people here. “It’s a tragedy for Corzine. It’s so unfortunate. It was so very sad for Corzine.” You know, when Democrats steal, it’s a tragedy for the thief, not the victims. It’s a tragedy for the thief. It’s a depressing saga of a brilliant man brought down by just the warmest of good intentions. And they’re sad, the media is so sad, such promise. Corzine, he really believes the right stuff on environment and abortion and it’s a sad, sad thing. What we have here is a Wall Street crook, but he’s a Democrat, so the tone’s totally different. Listen to this.

MURPHY: The collapse of MF global is the latest chapter in a life story marked by ego inflating highs and ego shattering lows.

BLITZER: An embarrassing admission from Jon Corzine, the former senator, the former governor. He makes a less than pleasant return to Capitol Hill.

KEENE: The tragedy that brought down MF Global.

DAVIS: This is a tragedy. I feel badly for Senator Corzine.

COHAN: I’m so disheartened by this whole episode and Corzine’s performance in it. This is a very sad chapter.

GASPARINO: People that know Jon Corzine, itÂ’s not in his bones to dodge questions.

RUSH: I don’t know, folks, can we get through the weekend? We feel so bad for Senator Corzine. It’s a tragedy, a very, very sad chapter. It’s such a great crook who did it so wrong he got caught. What a tragedy. Here’s Obama, by the way. This is November 1st, 2009 at a Corzine for Governor reelection campaign event.

OBAMA: For the past four years you’ve had an honorable man at the helm in this state, during one of the most difficult periods in its history. When it comes to the issues that matter most, like jobs, Jon Corzine’s been a true leader. He was one of the best colleagues I had in the Senate, but he’s also one of the best partners I have in the White House.

RUSH: See how this works? He has the right views abortion, he hates conservatives, he hates Republicans, loves unions, is personally very rich and wealthy, ran Goldman Sachs, so he’s got a license to steal, and then to be felt sorry for after getting caught. Yesterday on Capitol Hill, this during the House agriculture hearing on the bankruptcy of the MF-ers, and MF Global, former CEO and former Governor Jon Corzine testified, and the question here from Randy Neugebauer, Republican,
Texas, they have this exchange about the transfer of funds out of certain accounts at MF Global.

NEUGEBAUER: Did you ever authorize any of your people?

CORZINE: I never intended to authorize anyone.

NEUGEBAUER: So you never intended to, but you may have?

CORZINE: If, if, if I did, it was a misunderstanding because there is no intention under any context that I can think of that I was authorizing tapping into segregated funds

RUSH: Yeah, just $680 billion missing. Could be as high as $1.2 billion, $680 million, could be as high as $1.2 billion. (imitating Corzine) “Yeah, I have no idea, it’s just gone. I don’t know how it ended up being commingled. I didn’t authorize any crime. I might have authorized. I didn’t intend to authorize. I don’t think I authorized the crime, but it’s missing. I don’t know where it is. Why am I even here?”


RUSH: You know, folks, I just figured it out. We’re looking at this Corzine thing all wrong, as usual. We’re looking at it through the wrong prism. The real question is — and this is what Corzine shoulda said yesterday. “Look, I’ve been a politician all my life. How do you expect me to keep track of such a paltry sum as $600 million? Don’t you know I deal in trillions? Six hundred billion, $600 million to me is like a 50¢ piece to you. I can’t tell you where it goes. That’s a rounding error! You expect I’m supposed to know where $600 million went? Even if it’s a billion, big deal! That’s chump change compared to what I’ve been stealing — uh, dealing with in New Jersey and giving to Obama.” That’s the real answer to the question.

By the way, we didn’t get to this this week but I had it in the stack. There was a story out of Indiana. They found $300 unspent million dollars. Get this, folks. In this climate, in this national economic climate, they found $300 million unspent, essentially a surplus in Indiana. You would think, “Holy cow, that’s great news. Our state’s sitting pretty!” Nope. The unions had a cow. The left went bat excrement because that was $300 million that was not spent on children’s school lunch, bribing people. They literally were angry. That $300 million represented people getting screwed rather than $300 million being saved. Rather than it meaning the state didn’t need it. If they lost it, they obviously didn’t need it. “No. No! We’re not gonna take that and invest it. We’re gonna spend that and we’re gonna give that money to who it rightfully belongs to: Union people!” Honestly, that was the reaction the left had to the discovery of a $300 million essentially a surplus in the state of Indiana.

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