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RUSH: Chuck in Newnan, Georgia. You’re up. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Well, greetings. I was thinking that Mitt Romney’s problem, both when he ran before and now is that he fails to excite the base. And I was intrigued that when he had his famous $10,000 bet, I thought he was having an almost Reagan “this is my microphone” moment when he was calling out Rick Perry and saying, listen, in so many words, put up or shut up. You’ve been saying this and it’s wrong, and that was, I thought, rather dramatic. Lo and behold,
the response immediately and thereafter has been, wait a minute, the guy’s making $10,000 bets, he’s totally out of touch. He’s this, he’s that. I’m thinking, we all knew he was rich. So I don’t get it. Looks to me like he can’t win.

RUSH: Well, here’s the take on the bet. Mitt Romney has, what, millions of dollars. A $10,000 bet is not exactly putting anything on the line for him. He shoulda bet his house. If he really wanted to make an impact, if he’s serious, you’ve gotta bet something commensurate with what you’ve got to lose. And Mitt Romney losing $10,000, you know, even though he doesn’t drink wine, you could do that at lunch if you invite enough people and go to the right place. Also, I think he meant it as hyperbole. I really don’t even think he meant to do the bet, but it was not taken that way. I think what’s happening here is that nothing used to rattle Romney and now it looks like little things here and little things there are beginning to rattle him a little bit. And the media is getting on him ’cause the bet was so big. “Come on, who can bet ten grand? Romney, you’re so out of touch, ten grand, you’re really showing them how out of touch you are. Ten grand, you shoulda bet him a hundred bucks. Other average people could relate to that.” My theory is he should have bet one of his houses or shave his head or something like that. Something that would really be a loss.

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