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RUSH: Oh, by the way, something else that I did over the weekend, I tasted, even though I had approved and selected the two new flavors of Two If By Tea, I tasted the final product in the bottles. Folks, we’re not gonna be able to keep it in stock. I brought a bunch home. I got back late, I didn’t even unpack. I just trudged up there, I had to do some quick things before I went to bed. I’ll bring some in. But I’m telling you, when I am given clearance, you know, I’m not the marketing director, I’m just the CEO. (interruption) That’s right, Kathryn is CEO, I’m hired help, actually. When they’re available for sale is when I’m gonna announce it, and that’s gonna be pretty quick. I’m just telling you. Yeah, I hope. We’re gonna get a significant quantity bottled, that’s still going on out there. Look, we’re not like Apple. We don’t put things on sale that we don’t have any of.

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