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RUSH: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s Eve to all in need out there from all of us here at the EIB Network. Robert Davi is a well-known Hollywood actor. He’s a bad guy actor. He looks like a bad guy, looks like a mean SOB, looks the part. He’s played a Bond villain before. He ran a drug cartel and had, as a front, Wayne Newton. (laughing) Wayne Newton singing songs and doing a telethon was his front for how much his cocaine dealers owed him and how much cocaine he had to sell. Anyway, Davi is a huge conservative and he’s got a new album out entitled “Davi Sings Sinatra.” Sinatra was one of his close friends and idols, and Sinatra supposedly mentored the guy.

But Sinatra wrote his own Christmas song entitled “Mistletoe and Holly” and Davi, Robert Davi, has recorded it — and everybody who buys this song (downloads it from iTunes or Amazon.com) the whole proceeds of the sale of this song, ladies and gentlemen, when you download it from iTunes or Amazon, goes to the Salvation Army Annual Christmas Collections for the Poor. Here’s a sample of the tune. (playing sample of “Mistletoe and Holly”) Snerdley, I told ’em I’d do it. I told ’em I’d do it. (“Mistletoe and Holly” continues) No, I did not sign a pledge. I just said I’d play the song. Okay, I don’t want to play the whole thing, otherwise there’d be no reason for you to buy it. Cut it. Robert Davi doing Sinatra’s “Mistletoe and Holly.” It is good. If you download it, proceeds go to the Salvation Army. They asked me to do this, and we get into the sharing and the giving spirit here at Christmastime.

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