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RUSH: This is huge, folks. This is huge. Now… (interruption) What did you say? (interruption) No. No, no. (interruption) Nope. It’s all coming in the next hour. I gotta do this See, I Told You So. I have got to. This has been… My Stacks of Stuff floweth over. Folks, I can’t tell you, this has been the most extraordinary month, the most extraordinary week for my accuracy rating. It is just all coming together. It’s intense, it’s undiluted, and this may be one of the biggest ever to go along with global warming and Fast and Furious. I want to take you back. This is what I said on July 2nd, 2009. Obama had been in office barely six months and at that time I’m still the only guy who has the guts and the gonads to criticize Obama and his policies.

Everybody else in the Republican Party was afraid. Well, there were some other people in the conservative media that were criticizing him, but it was timid. On January 16th, before he was immaculated, I was the one who said, “I hope he fails.” You remember all the hell that that caused; and into the first six months of the regime, the stimulus. Everybody was cowed. Everybody was afraid to be critical of this historical, first black president. “Give him the benefit of the doubt.” David Brooks said he liked the crease in his pants. He’s had dinner with the assemblage of conservative columnists led by George Will and Krauthammer and Larry Kudlow. He had told John Boehner and the Republican leadership not to listen to me anymore, “That’s not how things get done in Washington.” So I was out there leading the charge, and this is what I said July 2nd, 2009, right here on this program in this very studio.

RUSH ARCHIVE: They’re doing everything they can to blame this on Bush, to come out and say, “You know, it’s worse than we thought it was,” which, by the way, I predicted they would say: “Ah, it’s worse than we thought it was;” and so now Obama is gonna head out there and he’s gonna do a speech. He’s gonna talk about the unemployment numbers at two o’clock this afternoon. What do you think he’s gonna say? He’s gonna say, “It’s bad but I warned you it would be bad! I didn’t know how bad because we didn’t get the truth about how bad it was from what we inherited but just think how bad it would be if we hadn’t acted.” That’s what he’ll say. Want to take any bets on this?

RUSH: He didn’t, on that occasion, quite go that ever. But I just want it on record that on July 2nd of 2009, my prediction was that at some point in the first term, Obama — in explaining why his policies didn’t work — would say, “Well, it’s worse than we thought it was. We didn’t know how bad it was when we were sworn into office. There were just things that weren’t passed on to us, and now that our policies are starting to take effect…” See, they can cite this unemployment number, which is bogus, but, “Now that our policies starting to take effect, now we can see the policies are working. We don’t want to change horses in the middle of the stream. We don’t want to vote against me or vote me out,” blah, blah. Here’s Obama last night in see that. He’s on a television station. A coanchor is interviewing him. Her name is Angela Russell. She said, “What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started your presidency?”

OBAMA: I wish, uhh, I knew and I wish everybody knew just how deep the crisis was when I was first sworn into office. I think we understood that it was bad. We didn’t know how bad it was. I think I could have prepared the American people, uhh, for how bad this was gonna be, had we had a sense of that.

RUSH: That is what he said last night. I said July 2009 that’s what he’s going to say. He has said it. This is a lie, however. Barack Obama knows how bad it was. He has characterized this economy as almost as bad as the Great Depression, has he not? He knows how bad it’s been. News outlets did, too. It’s about portrayed as a horrible, rotten economy. But here he is doing this. You might be asking, “Well, how do you know this stuff three years in advance, Rush?” Because I know liberals, and they’ve done this before, previously. Clinton did it 1993. (impression) “I didn’t know how bad it was! Yeah, gee, that’s why I can’t give you a middle-class tax cut.

“I have worked hard. I have never worked harder on anything in my life, but I got in here and I opened the books and I started looking around. I said, ‘Old Man Bush did not convey to me how bad this really was.’ We just can’t do it, folks. There’s just no way.” They do it, this is what they do, and I knew that Obama would do it they’re liberals they’re socialists they’re Marxists, whatever. They’re predictable! I don’t know how I don’t go up to 99.7. It’s not possible unless the Sullivan Group’s been corrupted. I’ve been at 99.6 the whole year; I haven’t budged this whole year. We put together a montage, ladies and gentlemen, and this not one thing is repeated here. A montage, a review of some of the many times I said that this is what Obama would say.

We put together a montage, ladies and gentlemen, and not one thing is repeated here. A montage, a review of some of the many times I said that this is what Obama would say.

RUSH ARCHIVE: After The One accepts the oath of office that we’ll start hearing, “It’s worse than we knew. We didn’t know how bad it really was.”

OBAMA: We didn’t know how bad it was.

RUSH ARCHIVE: If there’s a bumper sticker that could sum up the campaign: “It’s taking a lot longer than we thought.”

OBAMA: We didn’t know how bad it was.

RUSH ARCHIVE: (impression) “Oh, this is much worse than we were told. Bush didn’t tell us how bad it was. We had no idea it was gonna be this bad.”

OBAMA: We didn’t know how bad it was.

RUSH ARCHIVE: (impression) “Frankly, it took longer than we thought for our policies to start to have any impact, because it was so much worse than we even knew.”

OBAMA: We didn’t know how bad it was.

RUSH ARCHIVE: You’ve gotta understand how the media is going to portray this. “It was much worse than we knew because of Bush.”

OBAMA: We didn’t know how bad it was.

RUSH ARCHIVE: What their campaign is going to be, and I told you this, when they got into Washington, they discovered it was far worse than they even knew.

OBAMA: We didn’t know how bad it was.

RUSH ARCHIVE: (impression) “This recession that, frankly, was worse than we thought, that was given to us.”

OBAMA: We didn’t know how bad it was.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I’m gonna tell you what it’s gonna be. See, “it was worse than we knew,” when Obama was inaugurated.

OBAMA: We didn’t know how bad it was.

RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s exactly what I told you they were gonna do: “You can’t change horses in midstream, it was much worse than I thought.”

OBAMA: We didn’t know how bad it was.

RUSH: Now, I’m gonna give you an encore, but I’m gonna tell you, I’m gonna give you the dates, now, of each of those statements I made. The first one was January 16th of 2009. This was the same date where I said, “I hope he fails.” On that date I also said, “After The One accepts the oath of office, we’ll start hearing, ‘It’s worse than we knew. We didn’t know how bad it really was.'” January 16th, before he took office, I predicted this. The next one was from May 11th of this year, then January 29th of 2010, May 12th of this year, January 9th of 2009, June 14th of 2011, June 8th of 2009, October 28th of this year, and December 1st of this year. So here’s the montage again, which covers January 16th, 2009, through December 1st of this year.

(replaying of sound bite.)

RUSH: That’s what it is, folks. I know these people like every square inch of my glorious naked body. And again, they knew how bad it was. They characterized it as close to the Great Depression as they could because they wanted to celebrate their great recovery. They tried to make you think this was as bad as it’s ever been in your lifetime because the recovery was then gonna be celebrated as something magical and miraculous. How much more could Obama have prepared us? He tried to scare us to death during his whole campaign. The media has been trying to scare the American people since 2006 that we were in a recession.

Now, it was February 1993, three weeks after his inauguration Bill Clinton addressed the nation about his much promised middle-class tax cut. He said, (impression) “I’ve worked harder on this than anything I have ever done in my life, and while I said that I’d like to lower your taxes, I just can’t.” And he then introduced a tax increase on the middle class, which was described by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan as the largest tax increase in the history of public finance in the United States or anywhere else in the world. And Clinton said, (impression) “I really wanted to give you that middle-class tax cut, and I know I promised it, but when I got in here and I rolled up my sleeves, I found out it was so much worse than they had led me to believe.”

Incoming presidents always meet with the outgoing president. They put it on TV when they arrive and it’s at these meetings that the current president gives the incoming president the lay of the land, and that meeting is what Obama and Clinton, without referring to it specifically, want you to remember. (impression) “Yeah, I walked in there with Bush and he gave me the lay of the land, told me what’s up, security problems around the world and status of the economy, what’s been done, things that maybe I didn’t know just because I didn’t have clearance but now I do. But they didn’t tell me everything, they lied. They didn’t tell me how bad the economy was.” That’s what Obama said. One more time, Barack Obama last night in Seattle.


RUSH: You know, folks, there’s another parallel for Obama’s “I didn’t know how bad it was” and that’s the Democrat Party’s 180 on the Iraq invasion. People have forgotten this, but in 2002 the polling data was all for the Iraq war, post-9/11, and the Democrats had voted “no” on an authorization of the use of force. They demanded a revote. They demanded to be able to vote again. They wanted to be on record as being for an invasion into Iraq, and we have sound bites, of course, from Clinton in the nineties talking about the necessity of doing this. And so now they’re out there saying Bush lied to them about, Bush lied about the weapons of mass destruction, lied about how bad it was, lied about how important it was. There’s Obama saying Bush didn’t tell him the truth about how bad the economy was. This is how they do it. They rely on the fact that nobody’s gonna remember anything, except that I do.


RUSH: Of course, ladies and gentlemen, Obama knew how bad the economy was and we knew how bad he was, and we knew how bad he is. And now it’s time to elect somebody who knows what he’s doing. Obama’s experiment with socialism’s failed. It’s time for a change.

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