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RUSH: I don’t know if you heard about this or not. My adopted hometown, Sacramento, California. I moved there in October of 1984, and I was there barely three and a half years and then moved to New York to start the EIB Network. Those three and a half years in Sacramento were as deep and meaningful as any three-year span in my career. Those three and a half years… I felt like I’d lived there ten. Broadcasting is a vagabond business. You move someplace, you get promoted by getting hired at a big bigger city, and Sacramento was the first place in my broadcast career, even though I’d lived in Pittsburgh for four years and Kansas City for ten, Sacramento was the first place I actually became a practicing member of the community, actually had roots there. And there’s a poll that just came out. I feared this when I left, when I moved.

I’m shocked it’s taken 23 years for this to become realized, it depresses me a little bit, even though it’s Christmas, my favorite time of year. But I just heard that some poll found that Sacramento, my adopted hometown, the least attractive men in America live there. The least attractive men in America live in Sacramento. Well, Rio Linda is part of Sacramento, it’s the whole thing. This is one of the problems that’s happening to Sacramento. Rio Linda is bringing them down. Rio Linda has its own city limits, they have their own sign. They don’t put the population number on it. (interruption) What’s the question, Mr. Snerdley? Well, no, the Uglo-business actually was birthed in Kansas City, but the identification and the solidarity with the Uglo-American actually did take place, like so much of my life, had roots in Sacramento. And I knew when I left that this was likely. They were trending ugly when I was there. (interruption) Well, no, the Ugly Hall of Fame is — the Ugly Hall of Fame, I’m surprised you knew that there is one. The broadcast engineer is talking about the Ugly Hall of Fame.

Anyway, this scientific study was conducted by a website called Living Social, and they say they “polled locals in the top 20 media markets in the country. Only 23% of Sacramento residents consider men in the city ‘handsome.’ Sacramento residents report less plastic surgery than other major cities.” See, that’s the bottom line. When you get right down to it, nobody really cares what men look like. George Soros has a wife, girlfriends. I could give you any number of… really, we’ve all known this, so it isn’t that big a deal. It’s just the Sullivan Group is in Sacramento, too. Now, I don’t want this affecting the auditors of my opinions at the Sullivan Group.

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