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“Obama wants class warfare where he plays judge and jury as to how much money we have to spend. We are to have limited information about where our money is spent, sort of like Jon Corzine’s.”

“I cannot emphasize loudly enough or often enough just how frightened and opposed the Republican establishment is of conservatism and of conservatives.”

“You know, the long knives are out for Newt. I mean, everybody knows this. Everybody’s looking at this. We saw it to one degree or another yesterday, last night in the debate.”

“When you are immersed in the media you are by definition immersed in pessimism and you are immersed in negativity.”

“I’m confident that any of the candidates — four-man race, even if it’s five — can beat Obama. We’re gonna beat this guy, folks. It’s what I came away with last night, we are going to beat this guy, and we are going to have a reasonably good president in the process. I really think that that can happen here.”

“Everybody wants to be me, but not everybody can be me. In fact, there can only be one me and I am it. “

“We need to do more than just stand up and say ‘Stop!’ to the left. We have to do more than just try to defend. We have to start doing U-turn on some of this stuff.”

“The elites look at conservatives as a bunch of Tim Tebows that really, when you get down to it, can’t play the game. All they can talk about’s God. So it’s a threat.”

“The Tea Party isn’t a party yet. The Tea Party doesn’t have a convention, doesn’t have a leader. The Tea Party is in no position to hand out favors. The Tea Party cannot hand out patronage yet.”

“The majority position is pro-life — and if it weren’t, I guarantee you that embryonic stem cells would be happening left and right all over the country; and that’s still a huge battle that they can’t win.”

“I played high school football for one year, and I was the manager of the high school basketball team, and the coaches, I’ll just tell you — even junior high, in PE class — the coaches instructed us on the proper way to take a shower, but they didn’t come in and show us! They got nowhere near us in the shower room. But they told us what to do. Unbelievable.”

“The Republican Party is something that’s gonna have to be fought for and taken over by the Tea Party. It’s gonna be an active political objective and process. I don’t mean bloody. It’s just gonna have to be something that happens within the realm of politics.”

“I am in a good mood, I felt good after the debate and I’m not gonna let anybody sour my mood today, certainly not Nikki Haley.”

“One of the real hidden purposes of the Obamacare business is to make killing at both ends of spectrum of life acceptable and common, based on all kinds of immoral choices.”

“How many times in this last 12 months have we faced a so-called government shutdown over the debt ceiling or some other imaginary continuing resolution or budget crisis — and they tried it again! Dingy Harry this week, ‘There might be a government shutdown!’ Sorry, you’re not scaring us.”

“In January 2008, I did say that the light bulb would never be banned. I did say it. Even when I think I’m wrong I’m right. I did say it, we got it on my website.”

“This whole cultural attitude the country has made towards a majority position on the pro-life side of this is one of the things that constantly gives me faith that the country isn’t lost.”

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