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RUSH: Folks, I almost forgot to mention. This is our last day of the unique, never, ever done before, three-day Two If By Tea sweepstakes. As you know, Wednesday after a huge buildup — and I have to tell you it was a great huge buildup. I know I had you all on the edges of your seats for weeks on this. We announced the two new flavors for Two If By Tea. So now we’ve got four flavors. We have regular, raspberry — peach, and blueberry are the two new ones — with diet and regular. If you didn’t hear, if you weren’t here Wednesday or Thursday, the two new flavors are peach and blueberry, and there is nothing that compares. You know, I have trouble talking about my own stuff, but this is just out-of-this-world delicious. The blueberry particularly.

I’m partial to it, but the peach is just as good. There’s nothing like it, but it’s still tea. You’ll still taste the tea. You’re gonna think you’re eating a blueberry muffin or chewing on a sumptuous peach pie. Now, in honor of these new flavors, this is the big deal. In honor of these new flavors and the Christmas season, we’re running a final big, huge sweepstakes of the year. We’re doing something we haven’t done before, and it’s this: Four lucky winners will win two tickets, two Golden EIB Tickets. You can see the tickets; we got ’em posted at RushLimbaugh.com and at TwoIfByTea.com as well. Two tickets each for four winners. A total of eight people who will be allowed to come here to the EIB Southern Command as part of a three-day, two-night mini-vacation, and watch the program take place.

You will sit mere feet behind Bo Snerdley, the official program observer and call screener. You will sit behind the broadcast engineer and the court reporter transcriber. You will be within feet! You’ll be talking to them before the program starts. You’ll be talking to them while the program’s taking place. We all multitask here. Nice hotel we’ll have you here on Palm Beach, three days, two nights, credit towards your meals — and, of course, the piece de resistance is that you get to meet me. We’ll have a nice conversation, give you a tour of the place, show you what goes on and how it all happens, and it’s something we’ve never done before. But that’s not it. There are other prizes.

If you’re not one of the grand prize winners, the spirit of Christmas, we want to help you maybe cross names off your Christmas list or get something for yourself. So a second prize winner is gonna get a $1000 shopping spree in the form of gift cards and popular retailers, and third prize winner will receive either a Sony or a Samsung flat screen LED TV up to 50 inches. When we go all in, we go all in — and we’ve even cut the prices of everything. We’ve cut the prices of the tea. The shipping is still free, and our Premium Patriotic Gift Set: The two mugs with Rush Revere on ’em and the Ronaldus Magnus jelly beans from Jelly Belly.

Prices have been cut, and you can enter to be automatically eligible for this sweepstakes and maybe one the big grand pooh-bah prizes just by purchasing tea or one of the gift sets by 11:59 p.m. Pacific time tonight — and you do that by going to TwoIfByTea.com. It’s very simple: Shop at TwoIfByTea.com between now and 11:59 p.m. Pacific and you’re automatically entered. Official rules are posted at TwoIfByTea.com. You can call if you want but I have to tell you: We’re being swamped at the phone center there. You can call if you want: It’s 866-662-1776. I know some people don’t like using credit card. That’s the number: 866-662-1776. But the website is el quicko — we, of course, at Two If By Tea remain proud sponsors of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

Thanks to you and your purchases of Two If By Tea we have made a healthy donation to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation this month. They provide college scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action. So this is it: The last biggie of the year, the last day to automatically be entered in the sweepstakes for a chance to be one of eight people to watch the EIB Network take place. The Rush Limbaugh program has never been… Well, it happened once as part of the Leukemia-Lymphoma Radiothon, but that was as a result of an enticement to make big donations and a couple of people ended up here as part of that, but we’ve never done what we’re doing here before: Eight people, tickets, three days-two nights at a nice hotel, credit toward meals.

It’s such a wonderful opportunity. We’re having more fun… Oh, and I gotta show you something! We had our big Christmas party last night for the first annual Two If By Tea Christmas party down in Boca, and the highly underrated Two If By Tea staff actually made me a present: A Rush Revere lantern just like the lantern that Rush Revere carried warning, “The liberals are coming,” as we typify in our mugs in the gift set. They actually put this together, there’s the Two If By Tea logo on that side and the Rush Revere signature there; and it’s huge, very, very well made. Real candle in there. I was floored. I was floored. The highly overrated staff on the radio side has never done anything like this. But after just one year, the Two If By Tea staff has already made me something. It’s just incredible. TwoIfByTea.com: 11:59 p.m. Pacific tonight is the last chance, and you’re automatically entered with simply a purchase. (interruption) Don’t get your feelings hurt in there.

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