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RUSH: Josh in Hesston, Kansas. Nice to have you. Welcome, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, mega dittos and Merry Christmas.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, I just wanted to say I love it when you don’t stick to the issues. You have such a good time talking about things that you enjoy, and I think it’s just infectious. You know, a couple of examples. I’m a Windows guy, I don’t really like the way Apple does things, but I like hearing you talk about the latest Apple gadget. You know, I’m not a dog person, but I like hearing you talk about your dogs. And tell your buddy, the great one, that goes double for him, by the way. The big one, though, my absolute favorite of the nonissue issues, I love when you start talking about your early days in radio. You just have such a passion for the medium, it just really rubs off. There was probably six, eight months ago you had an Open Line Friday caller that had asked for your thoughts about top 40 radio, and I think that was probably the call that really made me realize how much I enjoy hearing how much you enjoy radio.

RUSH: Well, you have made my day. I’ve let the stick-to-the-issues crowd perhaps over-influence me because of the seriousness of the times. And I know that people are very serious and intense and any loss of focus they look as maybe setting us back a little bit. So I appreciate it. It’s fun for me, too, and I’m gonna tell you, a little New Year’s resolution that we’ll stick it to the stick-to-the-issues crowd even more in 2011.

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