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RUSH: Last night CNN’s Anderson Cooper 69, the fill-in host Sanjay Gupta, spoke with The Forehead, Paul Begala, about the Republicans not bringing the two-month payroll tax cut extension to a vote. Sanjay Gupta said, “Do you agree,” Forehead, “that this is an intentional Republican strategy to try and hurt the president?”

BEGALA: If we look at what they do I think the answer has to be yes. If you look at what they have said, it’s been their stated policy for quite some time. Their pope and prophet and Buddha, Rush Limbaugh, began his presidency saying he hopes President Obama fails, so forgive me if I look at this economic sabotage that the Republicans have been committing now for quite some time and think that maybe they have a strategy here.

RUSH: Economic sabotage. See how this is getting turned now? Obama has sabotaged the economy major, big time to the point of pushing us to the brink as a country, and so Axelrod comes out a couple days ago and says it’s the Republicans sabotaging the economy. And so The Forehead picks it up. So now — (interruption) Sanjay Gupta is a doctor, yeah. I don’t know why he’s doing politics. CNN likes him. I thought Newt beat Clinton on welfare reform. Didn’t he? He didn’t? Newt did not beat Clinton on welfare reform? Snerdley: “No, you beat Clinton on welfare reform.” So now I’m a pope, prophet, a Buddha. A Buddha. It’s Christmastime, is The Forehead calling me fat? Did he read the BBC story that says this is the time to call people fat? Show ’em how much you care?

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