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RUSH: Now, the Drive-Bys are all claiming — and this is part of the narrative — the Drive-Bys are all claiming that Obama was the big winner and we put together a montage to illustrate that.

BASHIR: The big winner in Iowa: President Obama.

YELLIN: These results could put a smile on the President’s teams’ faces.

SHARPTON: If I’m in Romney’s camp, I wanted to go to New Hampshire and start running against President Obama. Now he has got to run against Santorum. And the longer that narrative plays, the better it is for the president.

BROOKS: Pretty good night for Barack Obama.

CARVILLE: The spin that the White House is happy is absolutely true. They can hardly accuse me of being a White House lackey, (laughter) but these guys are justifiably happy tonight.

JANSING: President Obama was the big winner because the field remains unsettled and as long as the Republicans are going after each other that only helps him.

CORN: If not months to sort this out and that’s good for Barack Obama who has his own problems.

RUSH: Let me tell you, this is such a crock. Did it hurt Obama that he and Hillary were going at it all the way practically to the convention in 2008? Did it hurt Obama? No. Did it hurt the Democrats that Hillary and Obama were fighting each other long past the time the Democrats hoped that there would be a solid nominee? No! This idea that somehow Obama is helped by an ongoing nomination fight on the Republican side is just pure poppycock, folks. This is not good for Obama. What this means is that the focus is going to continue to be on the Republicans and their message and a greater opportunity for that message to get out, and it is going to be a conservative message. Romney, if he ends up winning this thing, is gonna have to be nudged to the right in order to win it. This is not a good thing for Obama that happened here.

I’ll tell you something else that’s not a good thing. Did you happen to see any of the videotape of Obama doing his dog and pony show? I’m telling you, I don’t know how this happened. Folks, they added 25 years to his appearance. He looked like the character Max Headroom out there. Barack Obama looked like a space alien. He looked like he was 75 years old. They did some video streaming from the White House, Obama to the Democrats that were cauci-ing last night, and from everything I heard, at all these Democrat cauci locations there wasn’t any applause, there wasn’t any enthusiasm. The idea that Obama was the big winner last night is a crock. It is wishful thinking. The more this Republican primary goes on front and center and the more Republican conservative ideas are debated and presented as contrast to Obama the more it hurts Obama.

These guys in the media, maybe they’re just engaging in wishful thinking or purposely trying to mislead people, or else they’re idiotic and they’re following staid, time-old formulas which say that indecision and unrest and arguments going on in the enemy camp help you. Not in this case. I mean the more attention there is on Obama, the worse for him. I don’t know where these guys are coming from, but this analysis is sorely incompetent. And it’s clear that it’s the result of bias. It is clear that it is the result of fear. These media people are scared to death.

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