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RUSH: Well, Michele Bachmann pulled the plug and I’m gonna miss her. I am. I’m really going to miss Michele Bachmann. She had a direct way of speaking. In her presser today, in her press conference where she announced she was pulling out, she said this might be the last election to turn around before we go down the road to socialism, and you could hear the journalists in the room practically gasp. They could not believe what they were hearing, the last election that we have to turn around before we go down the road to socialism.


RUSH: I want you to hear Michele Bachmann. This is just a portion. She was in West Des Moines, Iowa, today when she pulled out, she held a press conference. This was a portion of her speech that I referenced when she talked about we got one election left, perhaps, before we go down the road to socialism.

BACHMANN: I mean what I say and I say what I mean and I’ve told you the truth that our country is in very serious trouble and that this might be the last election to turn the nation around before we go down the road to socialism to a burden of debt too heavy for our children to bear, and I didn’t tell you what the polls said that you wanted to hear.

RUSH: She gave a good speech. It’s interesting. Oftentimes a candidate’s best speech is the sayonara speech. Did you ever notice that? The best speech is when they’re getting out, the pressure’s off, you can be who you really are. I don’t know what’s so hard about being who you really are during the process, but somehow when nothing’s at stake it’s easier. Well, I think it’s fear. I think fear is what changes everybody and when you’re getting out there’s nothing to fear. But when you’re still in it you fear making a mistake, you fear saying something you shouldn’t say, so you get guarded. But there is no fear when you’ve decided to exit the race, and so you don’t have that roadblock and you’re more forthcoming. I don’t think it is anything other than human nature. I don’t think it says something bad or good about anybody. It’s just it’s human nature.

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