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RUSH: This one’s getting a little play out there, and I wanted to hear it myself, and I haven’t heard it yet. Obama was out in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. From what I’m told, it’s where the rich people of Cleveland live. And Obama was there, at Shaker Heights High School speaking about the economy and I’m told the students laughed at him, not with him, when he told them that they inspire him.

OBAMA: I want you to know, you’re the reason why I ran for this office in the first place. (cheers) You remind me what we are still fighting for. (tepid cheers) You inspire me. (laughter) Okay. You do.

RUSH: They didn’t believe him. He went too far. He stretched the bounds of truth a little bit too far when he told ’em he ran for them. They didn’t quite buy that, you could tell, when he said they were the reason why he ran for the office first place. And then when he said, “You remind me what we’re still fighting for.” Okay, okay, okay, okay. “You inspire me.” There was dead air there for three seconds. The students are saying, “What?” It took that long for this to register. “You inspire me,” and they laughed. Now, you go back, remember the first year, kids are singing songs to Obama. Obama would show up and a figure of mythology had arrived, God, The Messiah. Now he shows up and says, “You inspire me,” and they stop and look at each other and then start laughing. I wonder what these kids think of the unemployment news today.

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