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RUSH: Yes, I know, ladies and gentlemen, I called it, I was four-for-four. Wild card weekend, National Football League, four-for-four. But everybody, the whole country, I kid you not, the whole country’s talking about my pick, Steelers-Broncos. I knew it. I got the tape here to prove it. I said it. I knew it. I intuited this. I’m probably the only Steelers fan that was an upset yesterday ’cause I knew it was gonna happen.


RUSH: Well, I didn’t know that God was gonna watch the Steelers-Broncos. I said if God decides to watch, who do you think he’s going to choose? Who do you think he’s gonna want to win, Tebow or Roethlisberger? Here, let’s go back, this is what I said. I didn’t mention the Cincinnati-Houston game in my prognostications because A, I didn’t care, and, B, I didn’t think Cincinnati really had a chance. But I didn’t mention it so I can’t claim credit for calling it. But I did the other three games.

RUSH ARCHIVE: You’re asking me about the Steelers game. It’s the late game on Sunday. I’m just telling you, of the four games this weekend, this is the upset special. This is the one game I can see the underdog winning. I don’t see the Lions beating the Saints. I don’t see the Falcons beating the Giants. Yeah, I can see it. But there’s something about this, the Steelers are not scoring any points. Just bugs me. And they’re on the road. On paper this ought to be Waterloo for the Broncos because the Steelers defense, but I’ve got one of these bugaboo feelings about this. I don’t know. I’m not confident.

RUSH: Now, I have to tell you something. I was shocked when I learned that the Steelers had the number one defense in the league, and I was doubly shocked to learn that the Steelers had the number one pass defense in the league, and then I was triple shocked to learn that the Steelers had not given up a 100-yard game receiver receiving yardage, hundred yards per game all season. Because my impression of the Steelers is you can throw on ’em all day long. Obviously I was wrong. But, see, I’m not wrong because they played such pathetic opponents, they had such a week schedule. Steelers defense. The secondary had been torchable for I don’t know how long. Now, it’s clear what happened. It’s doubly clear what happened. The Steelers dared Tebow to beat ’em, throw the ball and he went out and did just that. They had nine men in the box. They were protecting on the corners for the option run and they were going man coverage everywhere else, and that’s all she wrote.

Now, the injuries, the Steelers Coach Tomlin says we don’t go there, we don’t use injuries as an excuse, and I understand saying that, but the Steelers were beat up. There’s another reason why I thought that they were vulnerable here, particularly on the defensive front, but I was not surprised by this. I was surprised the Steelers came back and tied it in the second, I really was.

I had a friend from New York send me a note on Friday after doing the program. He said, “Look, here are the point spreads for the four games.” He relies on my advice. He said, “Is there anything you see here? Is there a gift here?” and I said, “Yeah, take the ten and a half points you’re getting with the Broncos and run.” He wrote, “Really? That’s the one I want to stay away from!” “No, that’s the one you take! Take the ten and a half points and forget it. You know, bet the farm on it.” So I get a note from him last night thanking me, ’cause he did it. (interruption) What other quote? (interruption) I just said that. I said, “If God is watching the game, who do you think he’s gonna prefer?” (interruption)

Well, I don’t have that sound bite. I don’t have that sound bite here. I just have the sound bite predicting the outcome. (interruption) Well, you know, I was watching the game and the way it started off, I’m just gonna say: None of it surprised me. I don’t mean to be a downer here and I’m not one of these fans who never thinks my team is gonna win. I’m not one of those kind of people. There’s just something about this game from the minute it ended up being a reality that I said, “They’re just ripe. They’re gonna make Tebow…” They had a couple safety blitzes but they didn’t even try to rattle. They’re known as “blitzburgh” and there weren’t any blitzes to speak of.

They just literally said, “We’re gonna go man coverage and make you throw it,” and you’ve got a couple Steelers cornerbacks saying, “We never saw that on tape! We have never seen that! Nobody showed us that. There is no videotape of Tebow completing passes like that.” Well, maybe it’s because they hadn’t let him try yet. Maybe it’s ’cause his own team hasn’t believed in him. If you’re going to go man coverage all day long… (interruption) Well, you know, Snerdley just said that Elway was pretty happy. That’s another thing. (chuckling) Yeah, it looked like it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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