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RUSH: We’re gonna start in Portland, Oregon. This is Chauncey. Great to have you, and I really appreciate your patience. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Wow. Here’s what I have to say, Rush, I really don’t understand you today. I mean, I’m getting really sick of all the negativity. I’m about to turn off Fox and turn off everybody.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I want to hear us build up our candidates. I’m part of the 1% economically, I’m a Mormon, and Mitt Romney’s my last choice. Well, besides Ron Paul. And I want to hear people built up because we have one objective, and it’s to get Obama out of our lives. And all you’re doing to me today is confusing me. All you’re doing is making me feel negative about everybody.

RUSH: I’m not making you feel negative. They are.


RUSH: I’m telling you what they’re all saying. I’m trying to explain why and what it means, and I’m being very critical of it myself.

CALLER: Well, my message today would be, let’s let ’em duke it out, let’s just stand on the sidelines and let ’em say whatever they’re gonna say, let ’em vet each other —

RUSH: Well, they are.

CALLER: — and then get behind whoever is the nominee. I don’t care who it is. I absolutely don’t care. I want Obama out of my life.

RUSH: Well, we all do, but we discuss the news on this program, and the news today is the candidates are not building each other up in the news. They’re tearing each other down —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — in the news today.

CALLER: All right, well, that would be my message to the candidates. Let’s focus on Obama.

RUSH: They’ve tried. I mean, how many of these debates have there been where we have praised them for going after Obama? That’s been going on since the outset, that one of the highlights of this campaign has been that during each of the debates, at some point, a candidate stands, “Okay, stop this, the real opponent is Obama, and we all agree Obama must be defeated.” That’s happened at every debate. We have reached new territory here.

CALLER: I just want you to be positive. I want you to positively build up —

RUSH: I started out positive. I told you, before I got into any of this Republican stuff, I gave you the lay of the land as it relates to Obama. He’s not sitting pretty despite all of this.

CALLER: No, but, you yourself say, anybody can defeat him, anybody should be able to defeat this guy and shouldn’t care what he thinks. We shouldn’t care what the White House thinks, what the left thinks, what they say, who they think their perfect candidate is. It’s irrelevant.

RUSH: I’m talking about polling data that shows that people, when asked what do they fear most about this year, by two-to-one said Obama being reelected.

CALLER: Yeah, but you’ve gone on and on about how, you know, what the left thinks about Romney being the perfect candidate. Who cares?

RUSH: No. I’ve gone on and on about what Newt thinks of Romney as a candidate.

CALLER: Okay, my friend. I love you.

RUSH: Ha! You still do?

CALLER: Of course! What are you talking about?

RUSH: You called here to rip me to shreds, say I’m a worthless host, that I’m not worth listening to anymore, and you tell me you still love me.

CALLER: I’m just sick of the negativity. I just want to hear we’re gonna take this guy out big, we’re gonna take over the Congress.

RUSH: I still think we are. If the election were held today he loses in a landslide, despite all this. This is all happening for a reason, a series of them, and I tried to explain to you why as a way to partially mollify, partially explain it, but there’s nothing I can do to stop this. I could issue a commandment to Perry and Newt and Romney to stop this, that we’ve had enough — okay, we get it. But not yet, it’s too much fun.

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