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RUSH: Amy in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, great to have you on the EIB Network. Welcome.

CALLER: Whoa. Thank you so much, Rush. It’s a thrill to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Yeah, I just wanted to call and let you know and your listeners know that there are some of us out here that are enthusiastic about Mitt Romney. You know, they’re not all vote-by-default.

RUSH: I know there are a lot of people enthusiastic about Romney.

CALLER: Well, I mean the pundits just carry on as if it’s all by default. And even, you know, the other Republicans running against him keep coining him as this terrible moderate Republican in Massachusetts, and I look at that and I say, “Well, the point is when he was in Massachusetts he ran on those issues and he kept his promises. He kept his commitment, and he governed in that state the way in which he was elected.” And I think, you know, as hard as it is to trust politicians, we have to at some point, and so we do, we look at a person’s character and the way that they — you know, have they kept their commitments? Have they done what they said they would do? And, you know, I’m gonna trust Mitt Romney —

RUSH: What is the one — well, top two criticisms of Romney that conservatives make that you don’t like to hear?

CALLER: Hmm. Well, some of the people in my circle of friends, the Mormon thing comes up and they seem to think that the evangelical people will not vote for him because he’s not conservative enough.

RUSH: Yeah, but that hasn’t been a part of the campaign yet, nobody’s talking about his Mormonism, yet.

CALLER: Well, that’s true, and that’s what I tell them as well, but —

RUSH: Well, what I’m getting at here is that people that don’t like Romney have heard him say, “I’m not a conservative Republican, I’m a moderate.” They see he will not back off at all his support for Romneycare, which two of his advisers are now saying that the Obama administration has used as their model for Obamacare.

CALLER: Yeah, but he’s clearly said the first thing he’s gonna do is repeal Obamacare. And I think he’s made that clear, and I believe that’s what he’ll do. You know, I believe he has the vision to, you know, bring our country back on track and make some important, tough decisions.

RUSH: Well, how long have you been a Romney supporter?

CALLER: Well, I voted for him in 2008. I thought he was the best choice then.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: Then the primary, of course.

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you, you’re about to be tested.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: No, no, you are. I just want to tell you now, I just want to prepare you, if Mitt Romney’s the nominee, get ready, because the media, the Democrats, are gonna be attacking him as a wishy-washy moderate. They’re gonna claim that they got the idea of Obamacare from him. They’re gonna praise him, they’re gonna tie him to Obamacare like no other Republican could be. At the same time, they’re going to attack him as a far-right kook on a lot of things, and they will bring up the Mormon business. The Mormon business did not come up with Jon Huntsman, either, and he’s a Mormon. And it never comes up with Dingy Harry, and he’s a Mormon.

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