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RUSH: “Sumter, SC — Mitt Romney reached into his pocket Saturday after a rally here and gave a handful of bills to an unemployed woman who started volunteering in his campaign offices this week. Ruth Williams, 55, of Columbia, said she was at a stop sign along I-26 on Wednesday when she saw the Romney campaign bus pull through town in the Columbia area. ‘I was on the highway praying and said, ‘God tell me how to get [my house] lights on,’ and I pulled up to a stop sign and his bus was there,’ she said. Williams said she followed the bus to the airport ‘because the Lord told me. It sounds strange but he really did. I mean, God really talked to me about this.’

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player“The bus was picking up Romney after his New Hampshire primary win. Williams did not get to meet him upon his arrival, but aides told her to head to a rally in Columbia that evening, which she did. Romney, briefed by his staff about her story, came over to talk to Williams after that rally. She spoke to him tearfully and asked him about his economic policies. ‘He was kind to me,’ she said. ‘He stopped doing everything.’ She told Romney she had a sick son and was looking for a job. ‘I told them about my problems and that I just want to work. I just want to work,’ she said.

“Williams said she had been cleaning houses for home builders, but with the downturn in the housing market, had been unable to find work since October. She said Romney took down her contact information and told her that perhaps the state of South Carolina would be able to help. She took down contact information for the campaign and found a warm welcome at his Columbia campaign headquarters the following day. She said she’s been volunteering there ever since… On Saturday, Romney recognized Williams on a rope line here and handed her $50 or $60, according to his staff. Williams said it was the first time that she has directly received money from the campaign, but that South Carolina treasurer Curtis Loftis — who chairs Romney’s South Carolina campaign — paid her light bill this week.”

Okay, so that’s story.

Now, you can imagine the cacophony on the left. “Buying votes! Romney buying votes! How shameless, Romney buying votes.” Not talking, of course, about how Obama wants to forgive every mortgage out there, or refinance it. Everything the Democrat Party does has been to buy votes. This woman works the Romney campaign. Anyway, CNN interviewed the woman who Romney gave money to. The press is apoplectic that mean old Mitt Romney came to town and handed a poor woman 60 bucks to pay her light bill. This doesn’t fit the template of a mean-spirited, cold, cruel, heartless Republican.

So this morning on CNN’s Starting Point, the hostette, Soledad O’Brien, interviewed the unemployed South Carolina woman Ruth Williams. This is the woman that Romney gave 60 bucks to Saturday. Soledad O’Brien said, “Some people say this morning that it’s an indication Romney’s an out-of-touch millionaire. Now, I know you’ve had a rough go of it…” Wait a minute, now. How would giving a woman $60 equate to being an out-of- touch millionaire? Should it have been 600? How does that connection get made? No, seriously. What did Obama do when some woman showed up at a town hall and begged for a new kitchen, for crying out loud? Begged for a new car? Obama put her together with somebody who gave her that, gave her a house, for crying out loud, if I recall right.

It was over in Tampa or Clearwater. Well, publicly Obama gave her a bunch of words. Technically, Obama said, (imitating Obama) “Well, ho, ho. (muttering) It’s typical of the way things are. That’s why my stimulus program,” blah, blah, blah. Then behind the scenes a couple Democrat donors, “Hey, hey, I’ll give her a house.” The Obama campaign said, “That’s cool,” and gave her a house. No, it wasn’t out of his personal stash. It’s never out of a liberal’s personal stash. Always somebody else. Here Romney gives her 50, 60 bucks of his own money. So the question Soledad O’Brien said, “You lost your job in October, you were praying for some guidance when you saw Mitt Romney’s bus. What happened?”

WILLIAMS: I saw the Mitt Romney bus on the highway and the Lord told me get off two exit. So me and the bus driver started saying, “Go Romney, go Romney,” and God told me to follow the bus, and I followed the bus to the airport. During that time when I spoke to him, and I told him my problem, he just didn’t walk away from me. He held my arm and he called Governor Haley and a couple of her aides, I think it was Curtis Lofton [sic], and he went in his pocketbook and he got money and he paid for my light bill. People are wondering why I’m black and I’m going for a Mormon, but it’s got nothing to do with that. I think Martin Luther King, his main thing that he said today, was not to judge a person by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

RUSH: Content, but we’re not supposed to remember that. So Soledad O’Brien said, “A bunch of people will say that was a media event, right?” He gives her some cash, could pay her light bill, and now this morning they’re talking about it on the news, it was a calculated political strategy. Romney really didn’t mean it, that Romney really isn’t a nice guy, that Romney was really using you, that’s what a lot of people are gonna say, which means this is what I, Soledad O’Brien, am thinking is what I hope you now say. So what is it, Ms. Williams?

WILLIAMS: It was a divine intervention by the Holy Spirit. And I listened to what God said. I’ve never known anything about him. I’ve never done anything for him. I’ve never even spoken to him. You cannot buy a vote with 55 or $60. I need work. I used to have a cleaning business, but my son was in a coma, we lost everything. All I ask for is work. My daughter works at Kmart, she works 15 hours a week and that’s how we live, and it’s really hard. We don’t even have a refrigerator. I’ll clean, I’ll work, as long as it’s honest and I can go to sleep — I think that’s what most people want. I don’t think people want handouts. I think you feel better when you work for it. I’m 55. Do you know how hard it is to get a job at 55?

RUSH: Yeah. So they were hoping that this woman would indict Romney. (imitation) “If he thinks he could buy my vote for $55 he’s got another thing coming. What do you think I am, Rick Perry?” That’s what they were hoping for. But nope. They got the woman, African-American, loving her some Romney, as Huckabee says, and it just didn’t fit the template. Just didn’t fit the template. Some mean-spirited rich guy is not supposed to be doing stuff like this.


RUSH: Yeah. It’s exactly what I said. The left is saying Romney giving this woman 55 or $60 is like the Rockefellers passing out dimes. “That’s really an insult. It’s an insult. How can you give somebody 55 or $60?” Maybe that’s all he’s carrying. Who knows. But still it’s not enough. They don’t give her a dime. The media people gave her jack-you-know-what, unless they can get their hands into the back pocket of somebody else.

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