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RUSH: We go to Ohio. This is Dave. Welcome, sir. Thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Hey, a couple things that just jumped out of my last night while I was on my elliptical listening to Obama’s speech and they just had me screaming at the phone. First thing was when he was talked… In the space of about an hour he talked about at least three, possibly four new either commissions or panels to protect honesty and fairness in various business and such — and then finishes his speech on how he’s gonna reduce government. Really? Really? That’s how you do it by adding three or four more commissions or panels? The other thing is when he was talking about renewable energy and how he was gonna get the United States Congress to subsidize and support a renewable energy program and he was gonna get the US Navy to commit two-thirds of their usage to that. So now we have a taxpayer-subsidized industry and a taxpayer-subsidized customer all working together that brings absolutely no money in because none of it’s public sector. Or none of it’s private sector; it’s public sector.

RUSH: The whole —

CALLER: I’m thinking, “Really? Really? You gotta be kidding! Who do you think you’re fooling here?”

RUSH: The whole notion of green energy is a liberal wet dream. It is a dream. It’s a myth like every other belief they have. Every liberal policy fails. War on poverty to end poverty? Fails. Great Society, all those related programs, Head Start, they all fail. Every one of them fails, and they’re all predicated on the notion that there is a utopia, that there is a fairness, that there’s an equality, that everybody can be prosperous if the right people are managing things and distributing things fairly. They really believe that there is a way to produce energy that re-creates itself, that is not dirty. They really believe that it’s there. They will sink a nation’s entire net worth into the project.

Now, some of them know it’s bogus and they’re just using it to amass more power, expand the size of government. But the liberal rank-and-file — these doofus voters, these people that post hate-filled comments on the blogs — they believe this stuff. And they believe that only government, that only people with big hearts and good intentions can make all this stuff happen. They believe in fantasies, and they will take every dollar you have to the root make these fantasies a reality. The whole notion of green energy? No pollution, no filth, no dirt, no squalor? Yet everywhere liberalism reigns supreme, what do you have? You have filth. You have no sanitation. You’ve got absolute messes that are unhygienic.

You’ve got squalor and poverty wherever you go, where unchecked liberalism is. Cities and towns are shutting down that have had nothing but liberals running them for decades! Countries, whole cultures and societies live in absolute misery and squalor while they pursue that dream. You’re also right that this speech last night, if it had a theme, it’s “Government is the center of the universe! Government is everything. Your life should be government. When you get up in the morning, the first thing you do is consider, think about, and look to your government.” This speech was all about what government must do, can do, will do to make everything fair, to make everything right, to make everything happen. You’re insignificant. Government is everything! While he talked about trying to cut government. I know. It was really pathetic, I have to tell you.

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