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RUSH: This is CBS This Morning — this morning. They had a guest on there, Thinkfoodgroup chef and owner Jose Andres. Thinkfoodgroup. They had a discussion about Michelle Obama’s mission against childhood obesity. And Charlie Rose said, “Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh make the political point that parents ought to be in charge of child nutrition.” Who the hell are you? “These are good objectives, non-obese children, nutritious children, nutritious meal, but it’s not the government’s role. It’s the parents’ role.” That’s what Limbaugh thinks. What say you?

ANDRES: This is the big Republican lie. The Republican lie will tell you, “Government should not be in charge of feeding America.” People of America, the government is doing that right now! It’s something called “subsidies.” And the big agribusiness received huge amount of subsidies. We need more than one angle to fight the obesity pandemic. Parents are very important but we need to train those parents because that you are a parent doesn’t mean that you come with a title —


ANDRES: “I know how to feed my children.”

RUSH: That’s Jose Andres, Thinkfoodfroup chef and owner who says we have an (impression) “obess’ity pon’demic” and we need to “train the parents,” and we are “the Repoob’lican lie,” that “Gob’ernment should not be in charge of feeding America.” People of America, the gob’ernment is doing that right now!” Subsidies. Yes, we’re all eating ethanol! What do you put on your ethanol, Snerdley? Tofu? Anyway, there you have it right there. This food group owner says: No way! The parents don’t know how to do it. They need to be trained by “gob’ernment.” “Gob’ernment needs to train the parents to avoid obes’idal children.” Ahem. Yeah, I know what you’re all thinking, and I’m not gonna say it. (laughing) I know what you’re all thinking.

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