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RUSH: Move on to Obama and Jan Brewer. Obama lands in Arizona and perfunctorily the governor shows up on the tarmac to greet Obama, and they went at it. She’s pointing her finger at him. He walks away from her. They had a heated discussion, and everybody saying, “What happened here? What is this all about?” Apparently she has let Obama have it in a book. Don’t forget, he is suing her and her state over their attempts to enforce, essentially, federal immigration laws. There is no love lost whatsoever. Obama doesn’t bow to her. He gets off and he starts giving her the business. He starts trash-talking her, and she doesn’t take it. She starts pointing her finger back.

I’ll tell you what I think is going on. I’ll repeat something to you that I’ve said previously. ‘Cause I think this is a great illustration of how Obama sees himself, who he is, how he operates. My theory, which I have shared on many previous occasions, is this man has had the road paved for him. He has never been challenged by anyone, anywhere. If he needed an A, a professor found a way to get him an A when he deserved a C. I don’t know that, that specific example, but I am totally confident that he has had, in terms of being challenged and opposed, he’s had a charmed life. The 2008 campaign was a charmed campaign. There was no vetting. There was no challenge whatsoever in the media. Well, some perfunctory stuff like that David Ehrenstein piece in the LA Times, “Barack the ‘Magic Negro,'” but that was perfunctory as well. He wasn’t authentically black, ’cause he wasn’t down for the struggle, didn’t have slave blood. They had to say that stuff just to protect their own street cred.

But he’s had a charmed life. Nobody challenges this guy. She has, and that just isn’t done. (imitating Obama) “You don’t challenge me. Who the hell do you think you are? You know who I am? I am this country. I am The One who made Warren Buffett’s secretary a real human being. I. Who are you? You’re human debris.” He’s this clean, articulate guy. People like Bite Me thought, “Wow, this is really cool.” He’s had his knee breakers quietly mow down anybody who opposed him at any election. So when a US governor offers up an example of his childlike behavior, he gets in her face. And he was all in Bobby Jindal’s face. He was in Bobby Jindal’s face over something that happened in Louisiana after the BP oil spill. He said to Jindal, (paraphrasing) “Nothing’s good gonna come of what you did here, nothing good’s gonna come of this.”

Remember, he is suing Arizona. He’s suing Brewer’s state. The United States president is suing a state over a law the state voted on. So she’s at that airplane to welcome him to the state, he’s suing out of respect for the office. He gets off the plane, insults her over a passage in a book she wrote. You talk about holding a grudge, this guy’s got countless grudges, countless chips on the shoulder. I don’t think he can take it. This is why I have longed for somebody on our side just to treat the guy as your normal, average political opponent and go for it. This guy is so thin-skinned you can see through him. And he shows it. And his thin-skinnedness is what was on display on the tarmac out in Arizona. Same thing with Bobby Jindal.

I gotta take a brief time-out. We’ll come back and mix of your phone calls and sound bites here, other stuff happening in the news as well.

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