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RUSH: To the phones. Syracuse, New York, this is Alan. I thought it said “Alien” up there, but it doesn’t. It says Alan. Welcome to the program.
CALLER: Thanks, Rush. After all the years I’ve listened to you, you’ve finally got me mad enough to call you. All right?
RUSH: Uh-oh.
CALLER: I don’t know if Sarah Palin… Is she staying down in your house with you down in Florida or…? You guys kinda sound alike last night on the television.
RUSH: I wasn’t on television last night.
CALLER: You weren’t. She was.
RUSH: For the record, I’ve never met Sarah Palin.
CALLER: You were on… I’m sorry, sir. You were on… You were on yesterday, and you were talking about the percentages that Romney had to beat Santorum and he had to beat Gingrich or he wasn’t in the race. Well, he beat ’em both if you add the percentages up.
RUSH: You’re right. I didn’t say it was gonna be definite. It was close, it was one point, but you’re right.
CALLER: I’m right!
RUSH: I thought yesterday —
RUSH: — it was possible Santorum and Gingrich together could beat Romney, but they didn’t. Romney beat ’em by one point. You’re right. So spank me.
CALLER: I know where Romney’s heart is. Don’t ask me why, but I know where his heart is.
RUSH: It’s with the poor. We know.
CALLER: Yeah. And I’ll say one thing about that, though. There’s only one person in that race that can get a billion dollars to beat that (pause) president that we have in the White House.
RUSH: To beat that what?
CALLER: Beat that president —
RUSH: Oh, “that president.”
CALLER: — that’s in the White House. I cleaned that up.
RUSH: Yeah. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
CALLER: But… (chuckling)
RUSH: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
CALLER: But they don’t… You ought to give Romney a million dollars, okay?
RUSH: Not legal. You can’t give Romney a million dollars.
CALLER: Well, you can give it to the PAC, then. Because I’ll tell you something: Once Romney gets the nomination, you’re gonna see more money coming out of this United States of America to back that guy. You won’t even believe how much money.
RUSH: All right. We’ll keep a sharp eye out for it, Alan. I’m sure you’re right.

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