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RUSH: Pete, Southold, New York, glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush how you doing? I love you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very good. Thank you very much.

CALLER: You’re the only thing that keeps me sane, but, after 25 years of watching politics, listening to you, I’m giving up. I’ve come to the realization that people aren’t misinformed or ill-informed. They’re just plain stupid.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Obama’s got a 48% approval rating. Who are these people? What planet do they live on?

RUSH: That happens to correspond to the number of households that are receiving a government check of some kind.

CALLER: Well, it’s just too much to overcome, Rush. I have ten good years left, I can’t put up with the aggravation. I talk to these people every day. They give me every reason in the world why they support this clown in the White House.

RUSH: Let me give you two words. New Zealand.

CALLER: (laughing.)

RUSH: I know what you mean. I know exactly what you mean. Take any person in this country who’s totally absorbed in pop culture. The big thing in their life is watching Entertainment Tonight. They vote. If they vote, we’re screwed. You know damn well they haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on. But that’s always been the case. There’s nothing new about it, Pete. The number of people who are clueless, uninvolved, no interest whatsoever, they’ve always had a sizeable percentage of the American population that qualify for that characterization. You’re just older than most and you’re far more informed than most, and you’re saying, “How come other people can’t see it?” And you’re singing my tune.

CALLER: It’s gonna take 150 years to turn that attitude around, Rush. I just haven’t got the time.

RUSH: Well, if you’ve only got ten years left, it’s not your problem.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: I’ll work on it. Look… (sigh) It’s dire, this health care bill. And I want to tell you again: If this guy with his 48% approval rating, with his unpopularity issue to issue — you look at Obama issues and look at how they poll — if this guy gets reelected? Katie, bar the door! When there’s no accountability, when there’s not another election to win, it isn’t gonna matter. The next four years is where Obama is gonna be totally devoted to fully implementing the agenda he’s been trying to hide in large part these three years. It’s going to be earth-shattering, and the next four years is what you wish were happening now is going to happen. The next four years, if he gets reelected, is when people are gonna say, “Oh, my God, what have we done?”

You think it should be happening now. Wait ’til the next four years if he gets reelected. That’s when it’s going to happen. Because nobody is going to be untouched by this. Everybody is gonna be made poorer. Everybody is going to lose a significant amount of liberty, just in Obamacare alone. Everybody is going to see the elementary basics of life shoot up in price: Food, gasoline, whatever. It’s going to skyrocket, and that’s when people are going to say, “Oh, my God, what happened?” At a certain point in time in the future, there isn’t going to enough money in the hands of other people to tax it and redistribute it. They will be bled dry. The Golden Goose won’t exist.

If this guy gets four more years, there’s nothing stopping him. The fact is that he won’t have to get reelected. There won’t be any games of extending the Bush tax cuts, for example. There won’t be any health care waivers. There won’t be any delaying the onslaught of the massive increase in the size, reach, and scope of government. There’s a reason Obamacare doesn’t fully implement ’til 2014. If it fully implemented by now, no Democrat would be reelected in November. That’s why this is important. That’s why so many people are pulling their hair out over the Republican primary and demanding — hoping, praying — for a genuine conservative. That’s why people are willing to overlook some of the baggage, because the people that do get it, Pete, like you, understand what’s at stake here.

People that don’t yet understand it, ’cause they’re too clueless, in a fog, wandering around… I know what you’re wondering: How can people get up every day and be happy? How can people get up every day and laugh with what’s happening in the country. I know. You turn on your television and you watch a sporting event or you watch a television show, whatever it is, and you wonder: “How come these people don’t get it? How can these people not understand what’s going on?” You expect there to be, expressed by everybody, an awareness that we are in trouble. And when you don’t see it, you scratch your head and ask, “What are these dummkopfs not seeing?” I know exactly how you feel. It’s what we’re trying to change here.

We’re all in the same boat together at the same time. In 2013, no more nice Obama.

Another thing: About the airlines. I left something out that’s very important and I shoulda said it. This is on top of the list in terms of reasons. The unfunded pension plans that they are responsible for, they’re talking $10 billion to $50 billion in underfunded pensions, if you look industry-wide. I’ll guarantee you… I can’t say this conclusively without looking it up and confirming it. But my wild guess would be that of the airlines year-to-year that do well, they’re either not union, or a very small percentage of the workforce is union. And the airlines that are in huge, big trouble owe money years and years and years in the future to retired employees who aren’t going to be productive. And it’s choking ’em. That would be probably at the top of the list, to answer the question.

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