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RUSH: When the unemployment news came out today — no, we’re gonna start with number two.

I want to go back and play for you from October 28th on this show, this, just to remind you that none of this that’s happening today and what will happen in ensuing months should surprise you. It’s gonna depress you, but it shouldn’t surprise you.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I’m gonna tell you what it’s gonna be. “See, it was worse than we knew when Obama was inaugurated. And it’s taking longer for his policies to work than anybody knew. And they’re finally starting to work. Look at it all now, stock market going through the roof, GDP up two and a half percent. Took longer than any of us knew, but we can’t afford to start changing horses now. We can’t change horses in the middle of the stream.” You’re gonna see Obama approval numbers start inching up, and you might see unemployment come down. I’m still waiting for the government to report a below 9% unemployment figure. And if that happens, and even if the below 9% number is 8.9%, forget the point nine, it will be the eight that they focus on. They can’t wait for it, they’re setting it up.

RUSH: October 28th of last year. I predicted to you this very day, predicted what would happen. Let’s go to a media montage, how great this news is for Obama. To hell with the country. It’s great for Obama and his reelection effort.

TODD: Breaking news. A burst of January hiring. It’s the fifth straight month weÂ’ve seen the unemployment rate go down. It really does put Mitt Romney’s messaging in a very awkward position.

WALLACE: Good news for Barak Obama. No question about it.

COOK: A trend the Obama administrationÂ’s going to like.

LIU: The Obama administration may be looking at a jobs market where the rate could fall to 8% or below.

SORKIN: If it’s under eight that’s an Obama win easy?

HARWOOD: When you get to the springtime of a re-election year, when the economy is lifting and people share that sense, it’s very auspicious for a President.

HEMMER: President Obama. This is a big political number.

VARNEY: Very big. The President will now be able to go out and say, “My policies have indeed turned around this economy.”

RUSH: Yeah, even though they haven’t, and even though his policies have cost us $5 trillion. And to put it in a more understandable context, the federal budget for years 2013 and 2014 have already been spent, at current levels. The 2013, 2014 budget, already spent. Five trillion bucks. Added to the national debt. And, remember, we were told by Gallup a couple of weeks ago that the real unemployment number doesn’t matter, it’s the trend that counts, it’s the trend, and if we’re trending up by hook or by crook.

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