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RUSH: We happily welcome back to our program the Reverend Dr. Ken Hutcherson who joins us from the Antioch Bible Church in Seattle. I assume you’re at church. You might be at home. Welcome back to the program, Hutch. How are you, sir?

THE HUTCH: (chuckling) May I say, brother: You are a sick man.

RUSH: (laughing)

THE HUTCH: Obama’s brother doesn’t have “Home, Sweet Hut,” anywhere?

RUSH: Sick?

THE HUTCH: “Home, Sweet Hut.” (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) He’s got a brother that lives in Kenya in a six-by-nine-foot hut.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: And he’s got an aunt that just last year got running water in her house.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: This guy lives on a dollar a month.


RUSH: $20 would make such a difference to this guy’s life, and Obama won’t come across. But he’s talking to Jesus.

THE HUTCH: (laughing) Hey, you know, you’re talking to the right man when you say what Jesus has to say.

RUSH: Yeah, but the scary thing is Jesus talking back to him, Hutch.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: He thinks He is.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: Look what He’s telling him!

THE HUTCH: Well, he’s definitely not telling him Scripture, because Scripture tells me: If a man don’t work, he don’t eat.

RUSH: Exactly right.

THE HUTCH: Hey, you gotta be praying for your brother up here, man. We’re fighting for our life up here.

RUSH: Let me reintroduce Dr. Hutcherson. He is affectionately known as “The Hutch.” Dr. Hutcherson presided at the wedding of myself and the lovely Kathryn — the greatest, best wife ever. And he is a former linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, the Seattle Seahawks, and the San Diego Chargers in the National Football League. He currently is a pastor in Seattle. You were the “mike” linebacker. What was your number?

THE HUTCH: I was number 59, my brother.

RUSH: Number 59. And at the time he played with the Cowboys, “Too Tall” Jones was on the team with that group.


RUSH: Ed “Too Tall” Jones and Harvey “Too Mean” Martin and Jethro “Too Jethro” Pugh.

THE HUTCH: I had all the greats. I felt like a kid who just fell in the candy store.

RUSH: And you played with “Hollywood” Henderson, too, didn’t you?

THE HUTCH: Most definitely. He wrote about me in his book, you know? So, yeah. I played with him.

RUSH: You know, I met Hollywood at a Michael Irvin golf tournament and when I told him that I knew you?

THE HUTCH: Mmm-hmm?

RUSH: He said that Tom Landry said if he could have a roster of fifty-three Ken Hutchersons, that he would never lose. That’s what he told me, Hutch.

THE HUTCH: I was honored, very much, by Coach Landry many times.

RUSH: Well, then why did he trade you?

THE HUTCH: Because I was a middle linebacker during the seventies, and the middle linebacker was a thinking position. And at that time… You know what a “thinking position” is?

RUSH: (laughing)

THE HUTCH: Quarterback, middle linebacker, all the guys that do all the calling of plays.

RUSH: As opposed to defensive linemen who don’t have to do anything but grunt.


RUSH: (chuckling)

THE HUTCH: And Dallas did not like — and the owners at that time were the Hunt brothers, I believe. They had a very difficult time with a black man being in that type of position and having that kind of power on the team in Dallas, Texas.

RUSH: I never heard that before. I don’t think the Hunts ever owned Cowboys. Maybe. I thought it was Clint Murchison.

THE HUTCH: I think they came in…. I thought it was the Hunt brothers, bro. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

RUSH: Well, you know, Lamar [Hunt] owned the Kansas City Chiefs, and they were the Dallas Texans before he moved ’em to Kansas City.

THE HUTCH: Mmm-hmm. Right.

RUSH: Well, so you…? That’s fascinating. Now, you’re the middle linebacker, so you’re playing a 4-3 defense.

THE HUTCH: 4-3 defense, the best in the world.

RUSH: (laughing)

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: Which is why the league has gone to 3-4. Okay, let’s get to…

THE HUTCH: (laughing) That’s because they don’t have any real men in the league anymore. They all been chickified. Gotta go to a 3-4.

RUSH: I… (sigh) You’re singing my tune on this. You’re singing my tune.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: And this is media-led, Hutch. I mean, the media is right in there.

THE HUTCH: Hey, did you see that article came out with Tony Dorsett, yesterday?

RUSH: No, what did he say?

THE HUTCH: He said that they used him up and now he’s going through all these problems at age 57, and he’s suing the league.

RUSH: Oh! Oh. Oh. Oh. I didn’t see it. I knew that. I did not see a story yesterday. Yeah, I know.

THE HUTCH: You gotta read it. You gotta read it.

RUSH: Concussions, right?


RUSH: Yeah.

THE HUTCH: Yeah. We all had ’em.

RUSH: Well, then the story I did see yesterday… You’ll love this. The story I did see yesterday, and this… (laughing) I love this guy, but I can’t help saying this. Jerry Jones, the owner —


RUSH: — said, “Well, I’ve had 50 concussions in my life,” and the fans are saying, “So that explains it!”

THE HUTCH: (laughing) Jerry should quit firing coaches and fire himself. The Dallas Cowboys can turn around.

RUSH: Well, that’s the old argument: General manager and owner don’t go together. Let’s get to the Super Bowl. Are you excited about this one?

THE HUTCH: I’m excited. I’m excited. But you still have… I gotta get you to pray for me, brother, like I said. We’re fighting for our life up here. We had four Republicans stab me in the back up here, and they voted for same-sex marriage, bro, and we lost in the Senate. We’ve still got the House to go and that is just absolutely ridiculous of what’s going on — and, bro? We’re gonna win.

RUSH: Did they lie to you?

THE HUTCH: We’re gonna win, but these Republicans are never gonna be sitting again when we have our next election.

RUSH: Did they mislead you? Did they lead you to believe that they were not gonna vote the way they did?

THE HUTCH: Well, a bunch of them was going back and forth. Sitting on the fence, back and forth. Sitting on the fence, sitting on the fence, and we knew that we had one that was gonna go, which was probably gonna take ’em over, but we had three go. And if they woulda stayed we woulda won the Senate by one vote. And, people, we need you. You all need to be praying for us, if they want to keep up what I’m doing, I hope. Can I give my blog out?

RUSH: Yeah, sure.

THE HUTCH: If anyone wants to keep up with us it’s the HutchPost.org. That’s www.HutchPost.org. We gonna win this fight, bro, because I don’t know what it means to lose.

RUSH: What do you…? Hutch Post, P-o-s-t?

THE HUTCH: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: HutchPost.org.


RUSH: The Hutch, a man of the cloth, is doing the Lord’s work.

THE HUTCH: You wanted to ask me a question about the loss of jobs, didn’t you?

RUSH: Say that again?

THE HUTCH: I heard you say in the second hour you wanted to ask The Hutch, “How can these numbers with that many jobs lost be a positive?”

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah. Do you get an answer for this?

THE HUTCH: Oh, absolutely! You know I do. It is [Million Man] Math Made Easy by Louis Farrakhan.

RUSH: (laughing)

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: Louis Farrakhan’s Math Made Easy! Have you ever thought about running for office rather than —


RUSH: — rely on these guys?

THE HUTCH: You know, I did. Before Bush ran the first time I was courted and was asked ten different times to run for the presidency.

RUSH: (laughing)

THE HUTCH: And I said, “No, I’m called by God — and I have a lot more power as a pastor than I would as president.” Plus, people won’t be looking at me as much in my own house, see?

RUSH: (laughing)

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: We’re talking to Dr. Ken Hutcherson, former linebacker in the National Football League and now Antioch Bible Church. He is the pastor there.

THE HUTCH: Thank you.

RUSH: The fortunate pastor presided my wedding on June 5th. Now, Hutch, let’s go to the Super Bowl. You keep trying to avoid talking about this. Every time I bring it up you go to gay marriage or you go to the fact you ran for president or you want to talk about Math Made Easy. What is it?

THE HUTCH: (laughing) I just don’t want you to be wrong, that’s all.

RUSH: How do you know where I’m going on this?

THE HUTCH: I think you do. You gotta go with the Patriots, right?

RUSH: Why do I have to go with the Patriots?

THE HUTCH: (garbled)

RUSH: Oh, oh, don’t say it! Don’t say anything about that!


RUSH: Don’t say anything about that.

THE HUTCH: I’m not. I’m saying I think it’s because everyone believes they are the team that should win without a shadow of a doubt.

RUSH: See, here’s what I think could be the key to the game, but you gotta tell me.

THE HUTCH: Mmm-hmm?

RUSH: I know this is not 2007, but I’ve seen this happen in 2011. The Giants have the ability to get to any quarterback without blitzing. They’ve got four guys in that line that can put pressure on a quarterback, which allows Brady’s receivers — and they’re not all that hot — to be doubled.

THE HUTCH: Yeah. You got Paul, you got Joseph, you got Canty, and you got Tuck. Those are some bad boys on the defensive line for the Giants.


THE HUTCH: JPP, my brother.

RUSH: Jason Pierre-Paul from Haiti by way of Miami.

THE HUTCH: Nasty front four.

RUSH: Those guys… If those guys can get pressure on the quarterback and disrupt timing and everything without blitzing… The question mark for me on the Giants is their running game. But the Patriots’ pass defense during the regular season was cheese. So you look at this on paper — which is the only way you can look at it —


RUSH: — if both these teams play their potential, you gotta give the edge to the Giants, I think.

THE HUTCH: Well, I think you are right, because let’s look at two major facts. I don’t know if you know this or not, but every time a team blitzed a defensive back against the Patriots, Brady’s rating went down from 90 to 50.

RUSH: Every time?

THE HUTCH: So you don’t have to bring a couple of defensive backs in on a blitz and that’s gonna shake Brady up. You know, ’cause I’ve always believed: If you sack Brady three times in one game, he’s gonna lose.

RUSH: Why is that?

THE HUTCH: ‘Cause he gets happy feet! He’s a pretty boy. He don’t like to be hit. His wife don’t like him to be hit, bruise up her husband.

RUSH: Yeah, she did send out that e-mail.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: But she didn’t intend that… Now, is something like that…? I was telling Kathryn. She said, “Did you see this Gisele e-mail?” She said, “Yeah.” I said, “You wait ’til the trash-talking on the field Sunday with the Giants.”


RUSH: The Giants are have gonna have more fun with that on the field with trash-talking.

THE HUTCH: (laughing) Oh, it’s gonna be… I can’t wait to see what happens. But there’s two big facts that you and I gotta take into consideration.

RUSH: All right.

THE HUTCH: One is the Patriots did not beat any winning team until the Ravens.

RUSH: Right.

THE HUTCH: Am I right?

RUSH: Yeah, but you play the schedule that you get. That’s not under their control.

THE HUTCH: That’s fine, Rush. You know, people gotta play another radio station when you’re not on.

RUSH: That’s right. (laughing)

THE HUTCH: But, you know, that doesn’t make it good. The only reason they’re listening is ’cause you’re not on.

RUSH: I have to concede the point.

THE HUTCH: Thank you very much.

RUSH: All right.

THE HUTCH: Thank you very much. You gotta also know that the Giants is already beat the Patriots. Week 9, November 6.

RUSH: Yeah, but then I could counter, “It’s tough to beat a team twice in the same season.”

THE HUTCH: It is also tough to beat the Giants when they have this much advantage over the Patriots at this particular time. Do you know there’s only six Giants — six starting Giants — and only seven starting Patriots that played in the last Super Bowl against each other?

RUSH: Yeah, but they’re key players.

THE HUTCH: They’re very key players.

RUSH: They’re key players. Offensive and defensive lines, except the Giants not all the defensive line. The quarterbacks.

THE HUTCH: No, the Giants only got one defensive lineman, and I think they got two offensive linemen that played.

RUSH: Right.

THE HUTCH: In the last Super Bowl.

RUSH: Quarterbacks are the same.

THE HUTCH: Quarterbacks are the same. But the thing that’s gonna be bad: If New York puts pressure on The Brady. You know what they gonna do. They gonna go with three wides. They gonna go with Branch, “Uh-oh-Cinco” and they gonna have my boy… Well, what’s my boy’s name? Welker?

RUSH: No, you’re thinking Deion Branch. You mentioned Branch. They’ve got Gronkowski. That’s a high-ankle sprain; that’s gonna be iffy. Aaron Hernandez. You talking about Welker? Welker is the slot receiver. How do you double a slot receiver?

THE HUTCH: You can’t. You got Welker, which I call “The Two W,” right? Welker.

RUSH: Yeah.

THE HUTCH: Two W’s, man. That’s Wes Welker, and the two W is “the White Wizard.” That is the most underestimated great player I’ve ever seen, and he beats everybody. I don’t care if you’re black, blue, red, turquoise. Welker will take you deep.

RUSH: He just runs under ’em.

THE HUTCH: He is so fast, they just miscalculate. What he’s lacking is (garbled) the talent of these guys. He’s got the great hands.

RUSH: Okay, so give me your win. Give me your winner. Give me your prediction.

THE HUTCH: Okay, I’m gonna tell you. Pitt… Uh, Pittsburgh. I almost said your team. I’m sorry. I know it’s gonna make you feel bad the rest of the day because they’re not in there. But they’re NOT. They lost. They got beat. So I’m gonna go with the Patriots.

RUSH: Patriots.

THE HUTCH: If the Giants are close in the fourth quarter, it belongs to the Giants.

RUSH: “If the Giants are close in the fourth quarter, it belongs to the Giants.”

THE HUTCH: I don’t care if they go three, four overtimes.

RUSH: Okay.

THE HUTCH: If they are close in the fourth quarter —

RUSH: Right.

THE HUTCH: — the Giants are gonna win.

RUSH: And there you heard it: The Reverend Dr. Ken Hutcherson, shying away from an actual prediction and giving us an “if.” Way to go, Hutch. I love you, man. I’m overtime. (laughing) I gotta go.

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