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RUSH: Wolf Blitzer hyperventilating last night over Santorum’s huge upset. This a montage of Wolf last night on CNN. Number eight.

BLITZER: Guess what? A huge upset in the works. … There could be a major upset in the works tonight. … A huge upset for Rick Santorum. … This could be a very, very huge upset. … A huge upset. … Potentially a significant upset in the works. … Potentially this would be a huge upset. … It’s why I love covering politics. You never know what’s gonna happen. … OMG, look at this, remember what happened in Iowa, that was worthy of an OMG. Right now in Colorado we got an OMG going on.

RUSH: We’ve got an OMG, doesn’t that mean, “Oh, My God!”? It’s, oh, my God, Wolf. You can say, oh, my God. They didn’t say you couldn’t say, oh, my God. You just can’t say “shotgun” and that kind of thing. You can say, “Oh, my God!” OMG? Wolf, clueless, had no clue that this was gonna happen. And they’re shocked that we’re not surprised. David “Rodham” Gergen, who is Washington conventional wisdom. If you want to know what Washington conventional wisdom is, seek out David “Rodham” Gergen. He was on CNN’s special coverage last night.

GERGEN: We thought just a little while ago that this was just gonna be a romp for Romney. Right through February he was gonna run the boards. I think it’s a big surprise for a lot of us in the press as well.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s a big surprise for a lot of us in the press as well. We thought it was just gonna be a romp, especially when Trump came out, Trump endorsed, that’s it, Romney over the top, in February, it’s over. Then last night happens, and nobody knows why.

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