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RUSH: Some Catholic Democrats are bailing on Obama. Tim Kaine, former DNC chairman running for Senate in Virginia, Bob Casey, Senator from Pennsylvania, House Democrat caucus chairman John Larson, those are some of the defectors from Obama on the mandate to religious institutions to provide contraception, abortion, and so forth that they don’t believe in, that they have to pay for. In addition to that, Timothy Dolan, Archbishop Dolan in New York, an initial supporter of Obama’s, he’s upset about it. Rick Warren says he’s ready to go to jail over all of this. I don’t know, I really don’t know if the regime understood the kind of blowback.

There’s a Washington Examiner story by Paul Bedard here: “Birth Control Fight Threatens Democrats,” and one of Obama’s advisers said, “This is not a passing problem for Obama and House and Senate Democrats. This is a permanent problem that everyone on the Democratic ballot is going to have to answer for.” Now, Obama won the Catholic vote in 2008 over McCain 54 to 45%. And if they’re gonna write off the Catholic vote now as a result of this — I don’t know that that’s what their intent is — but contrary to the story we had yesterday that the majority of Americans don’t care about it, majority of Catholics, that is just flat-out bogus. This is continuing to percolate out there. It is much bigger than the regime ever planned.


RUSH: A follow-up to a story we had yesterday. It was the LifeSiteNews.com story about Romney as governor of Massachusetts in 2005 and a piece of legislation that required, as matter of course, that religious institutions violate their moral principles and make contraception and other birth control measures available to people against their wishes. Meaning a religious institution was forced. It sounded right out of Obamacare. And there was some confusion yesterday as to whether or not Romney fought that or caved in on it, whether Romney was involved in it. There were a bunch of pieces. Terry Jeffrey had a piece. Santorum has attempted to link Romneycare and Obamacare in the same way. There are people out there saying, “Hey, you know Romneycare did the same thing! In Massachusetts the same thing happened.

“Catholic churches and other religious institutions, just like in Obamacare, were forced against their will to provide free-of-charge contraception and abortion services.” Well, here’s Greg Sargent, The Plum Line. It’s a blog at the Washington Post. “White House Gives Romney a Social Issues Death Hug” is the headline. Sargent’s in the tank for Obama, and this is a piece on Obama’s strategery in all this. Like Romneycare. Obama says his contraception policy just like Massachusetts’ when Romney was governor. I’m telling you, Obama is gonna use this. He’s going to use Obamacare and Romney being identical as a way to denude Romney, if he’s the nominee.

A way to denude the entire health care issue. I could just see it in the debate. I know what Obama’s gonna do: “Why do you want to get rid of my health care plan when it’s exactly like yours that you continue to tout?” I can hear how this is gonna happen, and then Obama’s gonna cite specifics like this mandate on Catholic schools, for example, and hospitals that they make abortion services available. Obama’s gonna say, “You did the same thing in Massachusetts!” Greg Sargent’s got it right here in his piece. There is no question whatsoever Obama’s gonna do this. It doesn’t matter whether it’s accurate or not. All he’s gotta do is make the allegation and you… (interruption) Who said it yesterday? Jay Carney? Jay Carney? You’re not confusing him with the John Kerry (who served in Vietnam)? Okay, so, Jay Carney already it said. So it’s already part the strategy: “Oh, well, Romney did it! I don’t know what Romney is so upset about. Romney did the same thing in Massachusetts when he was governor.”

You know that this is coming. It’s headed our way.

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