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RUSH: Denise in Trenton, Michigan. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, happy Valentine’s Day. You have made my day now that I’ve talked to my three favorite guys.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: You know, it’s annoying me to no end how they keep talking about, everybody needs access to birth control. And there’s a big difference between access and free. We already have access to birth control. You can see in a lot of these public schools, they’re trying to hand out condoms to elementary students.

RUSH: This is an excellent point, by the way. Contraception isn’t denied to anybody.

CALLER: No. Nobody. And, you know what? They say that it’s good for my health if I brush my teeth. It prevents tooth decay, it’s good for my physical body, and so should the taxpayers provide me toothpaste and a toothbrush? No. I go to the store and I buy it. If I want contraception, I can go to a doctor, I can get a prescription, and I can pay a copay. It is accessible. It is not something that’s being prevented. So why does this point not come up every time they say, “Oh, we have to provide access, we have to provide access.” There is access. And, you know, here’s a thought —

RUSH: Okay, so what’s your theory? How would you answer the question?

CALLER: My theory is, there’s already access. That’s the theory. If you really want to take it to the extreme, how about some personal responsibility. If you don’t want to have a baby, don’t have sex. I mean that’s pretty simple. These women talk about how —

RUSH: Do you realize how hurtful that is? And that’s easy for you to say. That’s so easy for you to say, don’t have sex. Do you realize you can’t stop kids from having sex. They’re gonna have sex and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. That’s what they tell us.

CALLER: Well, if we want to be, you know, live in a defeatist country, well, then, sure, we can say that.

RUSH: My question to you, Denise, is why is the regime trying to make it clear that somebody else needs to provide your contraception when they don’t provide your toothpaste? What is it about contraception that the Democrat Party is gonna hitch itself to and say, “This must be free, it must be plentiful, and it must be made available by everybody, for everybody.”

CALLER: Because it’s just another one of the entitlement mentalities that the people —

RUSH: Yeah, but why not toothpaste, why not mouthwash?

CALLER: Well, ’cause probably the people who are gonna get abortions really don’t care a lot about that kind of stuff. I mean they want their free stuff. They want to be able to go out, like you said, they want to act like minks, they don’t care about that kind of stuff, but they want to be able to live their life the way they want.

RUSH: The answer is none of that.


RUSH: I don’t mean to put you down. Don’t misunderstand.

CALLER: That’s okay.

RUSH: The answer is to be found in politics. You got close when you equated contraception with abortion. It’s women’s rights. It is a way to set up the notion that Republicans are Neanderthals and don’t like women and oppose women’s rights.


RUSH: Let me try answering my question, why is contraception so important that it must be paid for by somebody else? It’s so important that you have contraceptives. It can’t be left up to you to even take the initiative to provide them for yourself. They have to be provided for you. Why not toothpaste? Why not hotel rooms? Why not a car? What is it, as far as liberals are concerned, that makes contraceptives a must-have? Do you want to take a stab at it, Snerdley, or do you need to think about it? I’m sure a lot of you need to think about it.

Also, this language deception that contraception not covered by government or taxpayer money equals contraception outlawed is typical of the left. They are trying to convince people that if contraception isn’t covered by your insurance plan or isn’t covered by Obamacare, if it isn’t paid for by somebody else, then somebody’s trying to outlaw it, and this is how they use the language and how they work. And it’s the language of the politics of fear. And this then begs the question, why are so many people afraid of birth? You have to ask the question. If contraception is this crucial, what’s the fear of not having contraception? What’s the result of not having contraception? The result is birth, or abortion. Abortion’s covered, Planned Parenthood is probably a close second to the unions in a money laundering operation for the Democrat Party. Planned Parenthood is rolling in dough from abortion.

So why would the Democrat Party want to make sure that there aren’t any pregnancies? What is this deal with contraception, what is so crucial about this? Well, when you come to the language games that they play, contraception not covered by government or taxpayer money equals contraception outlawed, that’s what they want you to think. If the government isn’t providing for it, if your insurance company doesn’t give it to you, then somehow it’s outlawed? That’s what they want you to think. Fear. It’s the same mind-set that anything not done by the government doesn’t exist, such as private charity. If the government doesn’t do it, it doesn’t happen, the left wants you to believe. So in one regard here, we have a language trap. Most end up debating the issue while making the mistake of accepting the premise. And I always find my way to the premise, because that’s where the Republicans get in trouble.

It’s always the Democrats who are announcing these massive initiatives, and it’s always the Republicans who react to them. Like somebody will say, “We need national health care.” And Republicans will not say, “No, we don’t.” They’ll say, “The way you’re doing it is wrong. What we need to do is, okay, health care, insurance for everybody, fine, we need medical insurance accounts, savings accounts or what have you.” Now, I’m going to throw some things out for you to think about, not necessarily that I agree with. What is this great fear of pregnancy? Because if you don’t have a contraceptive, and if you engage in sexual activity, the result is gonna be pregnancy. That’s the fear, right? So what’s wrong with that? What do Democrats inherently fear about pregnancy? Well, they’ve made it into a disease.

Pregnancy is a great health risk for women. If you haven’t noticed, we had the quotes last week. They say that pregnancy is a greater health risk than abortion. It’s a means of getting women to the abortion clinics to pay whatever cost, three, 500 bucks, money laundering operation, Democrat Party. Could it be that Democrats fear kids? I mean they are aborting their own people. The vast majority of people having abortions are Democrat voters. Look at what people lead to, global warming, overpopulation, starving, pestilence, look at all the things liberals claim will happen if there are too many people. Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb, totally disproven yet still a Bible of the American left. Overpopulation will lead to disease, starving, famine, thirst, squalor, poverty, can’t have any of that. So gotta pass out the contraceptives.

Maybe, if you’re an average Democrat couple, you fear that if you have a boy, he’ll grow up to be a horrible man. You’ll have a boy, he’ll grow up to be a man. That’s not good. What are men? Predators, they don’t shave every day, risque brutes, smelly, stinky, share bathrooms with ’em, ugh. If it’s a girl, it’s not any better ’cause a girl, she’ll grow up to either be Madonna or a slave to some horrible man. So you could have that. “I don’t want to have a child. If I have a little girl, she’s just gonna grow up to be a slave to some man and if I have a little boy he’s gonna grow up to be a man who enslaves some little girl. (crying) Give me my contraceptive.”

We don’t get guns for free. What if somebody said every American ought to have a gun, it’s right there in the Second Amendment. Why don’t the Democrats say every American should have a gun and if you don’t your health insurance company is gonna provide you one? It’s fascinating to me because the left wants us to fear an intrusive government when the Republicans are running it, a government that can take away their abortions. It’s hilarious. That’s what they fear. But when Obama was talking about his own little girls and abortion, do you remember what he said? I’m going to paraphrase, but the president of the United States referred to the possibility that his little girls could be punished with a baby. Remember? Could be punished with a baby. There’s something liberals look at, the birth of a child causes them problems. It’s either gonna lead to global warming, famine, overpopulation, pestilence, mosquitoes, malaria, hunger, you name it.
They never see the good in it. And if the contraception doesn’t work, then we’ll march ’em into Planned Parenthood.

Okay. So back to the question, which is the premise: Why, of all things, must contraception be free? Why must everyone have it? Men or women, either a condom, or the birth control pill, or if you screw up, RU-486, which is an abortion pill ’cause that happens after conception, right? So why? What is it? Save the planet? Kill the people? There are wacko environmentalists who think that the earth is threatened by people, and they are leftists, and they are more common than you think. They were all over Occupy Wall Street. But pregnancy can mean being punished with a baby. The president of the United States said that himself.

So you think about it. See if you come up with an answer, ’cause they are hell-bent. It is their issue. They started with this on January 7th in a Republican debate. It became the focal point of this whole Catholic Church business last week, and now they’re running fundraising letters, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, claiming Republicans want to ban contraception.


RUSH: Something else to look at, ladies and gentlemen, when trying to answer the question, “Why contraceptives? Why is the regime and the Democrat Party hell-bent on contraception being free, provided by government, mandated by government via insurance? Why?” Take a look political polling. Just a wild guess. Where does Obama stand with women on the reelect? I don’t know. Find out. You might get the answer there. I don’t pretend to know every answer to this. I think it’s multifaceted, but I do know that there is a culture of death associated with the Democrat Party. They are obsessed with it. College girls, too. Check the Obama reelect numbers on women. It could well be.

It could be aimed at the dumb asses that we’re talking about. I’m sorry, dumb “masses.” I said that wrong. The dumb masses that are still watching Whitney Houston death coverage. I’m telling you, that’s who Obama’s going for in terms of reelection. Find out where he is with women on the numbers, on the reelect numbers.


RUSH: Mike, Chula Vista, California. Glad you waited. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi. Yeah, Rush, the question I have is: If this birth control mandate is so important, why was it not included when they wrote the bill originally?

RUSH: Well, it doesn’t have to be. They can do this even outside of Obamacare, but within Obamacare, they can mandate anything. Once it is declared constitutional, “as the secretary shall determine” is in the bill throughout the 2700 pages. So if they decide that you can only have two babies, they can do that. I’m not exaggerating. This is a great illustration. It’s a great question, it’s a fabulous question, and it permits me to illustrate what we’re really dealing with here. It doesn’t have to be in there, is the point. And they wouldn’ta got this passed if it was in there. If this had been discovered, if it was specified that the government could mandate that your insurance company either pay for an abortion or contraception, it woulda raised all kinds of hell. Remember Bart Stupak? How is Bart Stupak feeling these days? This is the kind of stuff they promised Bart Stupak wasn’t gonna happen in order to get his vote. Democrat Congressman from Michigan. If Kathleen Sebelius happens to be a freak and she wants you to wear your underwear on the outside, guess what? ‘Cause underwear could be an indicator of a health problem! You’re forced to wear it on the outside. Are Medicare, Medicaid mandated to do it? I don’t know yet. But this is just the beginning.

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