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RUSH: All right, today is one of those days. I’m gonna have to go back to our archives. Everything I predicted, pretty much everything back in December, is now starting to happen in full force. And the whole point of it is to depress you and dispirit you, like the unemployment numbers looking magical now, Obama’s approval numbers looking magical now. The Republicans look like blithering idiots now. In fact, Ed, grab audio sound bite number one. This is what I warned you about back on December 20th.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I have warned you this kind of thing is going to happen. The unemployment number is going to precipitously drop and it’s going to get close to 8% by next November. Just mark my words. That’s in the can. It’s in the cards. Also, Obama’s approval number now is up five points over the last three months or some such thing. So here we go. Approval number is up. I’m just warning you now not to get dispirited. I’m warning you now not to think that the actual emotion or passion for changing course, defeating Obama, repealing Obamacare, it is ratcheting up. It’s not weakening. It’s not tiring. It’s not getting lazy. People are not giving up, but you are not gonna see that evidence. You’re not gonna see evidence of that passion or energy that you have and that your fellow citizens have for change. You’re not gonna see it. What you’re instead going to be told is that, “Wow, look at Obama’s approval numbers — wow. And unemployment, look at the number, coming down, oh, it’s all coming together.” That’s gonna be combined with Obama, as he’s saying now, as I predicted he would say, “It’s worse than we thought it was. They didn’t tell us how bad it was.”

RUSH: All of that is from December 20th, all of it, and don’t you feel that way? Did I not tell you how you were gonna feel, did I not warn you, do not succumb to this? I know it’s hard. I’ve got a Rasmussen poll result today. Rasmussen. This is not Gallup. This is not ABC. It’s not CBS/New York Times. It’s not NBC/Wall Street Journal. It’s not ABC/Washington Post. Rasmussen. I guarantee you, this poll is gonna be put on the equivalent of every Democrat locker room. Fifty-two percent say it’s better for the GOP to work with Obama than stand on principle.

Rasmussen: “Most voters still think Republicans and Democrats in Congress are out of touch with their respective party bases but now believe itÂ’s more important for the GOP to work with President Obama than to fight him.” Rasmussen. Now, I know you’re saying, “But, Rush, maybe you’re wrong. Maybe we are dispirited and maybe all this good news for Obama is real, and maybe the takers do outnumber us, and maybe we ought to feel like moving to New Zealand. Come on, Rush.” I’ll tell you when it’s time to move to New Zealand. No, not yet. It’s only February. All of this is predictable, is my point. Everything that’s happening in the media today, everything Obama is doing, was totally predictable. And because it’s predictable, so is this polling result. But it’s only February.

Who knows what’s gonna happen with the economy. My gosh, four-dollar gasoline is headed down the pike, maybe five-dollar-a-gallon gas. Obama’s gonna try to spin that as evidence of a good economy, but he’s also proposed raising taxes on the oil companies. It’s in his so-called budget. Now, that budget’s never gonna see the light of day. It’s not intended to because he wants to run against a do-nothing Congress, but there’s nothing stopping the Democrats, they control the Senate, there’s nothing stopping them from proposing a tax increase on Big Oil. You’ve got Obama proposing to reduce the nuclear arsenal by 80%. The Republican primary process, I mean this is starting to get under a lot of people’s skin.

There’s another thing I predicted to you that is starting to happen. You got Democrats out there that are talking about the year of the woman as though it’s 1992 all over again, all about this contraception stuff. You know, the news about Santorum is so predictable, that Santorum wants women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. There are even some conservatives, so-called conservative bloggers and media people that are joining in that chorus because they’re for Romney. The conservative blogosphere for Romney is joining with the left-wing attack on Santorum. TIME Magazine yesterday, there was a story, Michael Scherer, I think that’s how he pronounces his name, I’m not sure, but there’s a one-hour video of Santorum talking about all this, and the TIME Magazine guy urges his readers, he has the link to the video, he says, “Start here,” 17 minutes into it. Seventeen minutes into it? Well, what’s in the first 17 minutes that you don’t want us to see?

If you watch the whole video, and you have the whole thing in context, you learn that Santorum is not trying to get the federal government and doesn’t support and would not do, would not have the federal government get on a contraception kick. It just wouldn’t happen. But if you take some of what he says out of context, as you can with anybody, you could make the case, if you skip the first 17 minutes, and the pro-Romney people in the conservative media have skipped the first 17 minutes because they want to take Santorum out. So, in the meantime, we are where I told you yesterday. The people still watching videotape from last Saturday at the Beverly Hilton hotel involving Whitney Houston. Those people try to put as many notches in their belt every night. Their lives exist, getting up, finding somebody to have sex with, maybe somebody else, then going to bed, getting up and repeating it. You tell them that a Republican wants to take away their birth control pills and they don’t care what else is going on. And this is what the objective is.

They try to screw as many people as they can before they go to bed, get up and do it again. You know the people I’m talking about. The bottom line, let me put it to you this way. The news media is now calling the so-called controversy over Obama’s birth control mandate a culture war. Don’t forget who started this. Obama started this by requiring the Catholic Church, well, not the church, but schools and so forth, to pay for this, to pay for everybody’s contraception, to pay for everybody’s abortions, to pay for all the abortion related stuff. Don’t forget last week. And of course there was an uproar and an outcry and Obama ostensibly heard it and said, “Okay, okay, I’ll make the insurance companies do it,” and everybody said, “Good, good, we beat Obama back, good.” No, we didn’t.

The president just unconstitutionally mandated that insurance companies now provide free — by the way, this group that gets up, tries to screw as many people as they can every day and go to bed and do it again, they believe in free. They think there is something free. Anyway, Obama got all this started. Now, there is a culture war. The news media is calling the controversy over Obama’s birth control mandate a culture war. They are using that phrase all over cable news, culture war. I have to hand it to ’em. They set this up back in January with Stephanopoulos and that Republican debate in New Hampshire. They set it up. None of this is real. Do you understand, none of this really happened. “Romney, do you support contraception?”

“George, what are you talking about?”

“Do you — I’m just asking you theoretically, do you –“

“George, the states could do it, I suppose, but nobody wants to, George,” said Romney. They went back and they found this one hour interview of Santorum and, ergo, we’re in the middle of a culture war. But may I ask you to do something? Look around, look at the abysmal state of our culture. We are in a period of cultural depravity and rot, and everybody knows it. Are we not? Now, the Democrats would love for that to become an issue because they think that that isolates the pro-lifers, the hicks and the hayseeds that come to the forefront of the Republican Party, people that live in the South, people don’t know how to have the right kind of lunch packed for their kids in North Carolina. Gotta have federal agents to see that kids are eating properly. That group.

The Democrats and the media chomping at the bit, champing at the bit, whatever the hell, eager for this whole culture war thing to surface, because what does it do? It takes everybody’s attention away from the ongoing economic destruction. I don’t care about the unemployment numbers today, and I don’t care about the so-called improvement in jobs and Obama’s approval numbers. They desperately want people’s attention off of the economy and Obamacare and the culture war. They think they can go back to their archive pages and bring that issue back, and they think it’s a slam-dunk winner for them. But is the lack of free birth control really the most important social issue facing the country today? I don’t think so.

In fact, something tells me that if the upcoming election could be decided on social issues, the Republicans could win that in a landslide because we’re on the right side of the culture war. The problem is we’re scared to death of it! The Republican establishment wants no part of it. They want no part of the culture. They want no part of social issues. They have been ticked off about this. I’ve told you the story about how some establishment guy approached me in the Hamptons in the ’90s. He had his index finger poking me in the chest and said, “What are you gonna do about the Christians?”

I said, “What? I’m just here trying to have a cigar after dinner.”

(shouting) “What are you gonna do about the Christians?”

“What are you talking about?”

“They’re destroying us! We’re never gonna win the presidency with Christians and this pro-life stuff. You’ve gotta get them off of it. They listen to you.”

I said, “They’re only 24 million voters. You wouldn’t win jack without ’em.”

It turns out the guy’s wife was constantly nagging him about abortion and so were these other establishment guys’ wives nagging them about it. So the Democrats are trying to revive this. Ain’t no doubt about it. None whatsoever. So I guess we’ll discuss it along with other stuff that’s in the news today, but this poll from Rasmussen: 52% say it’s better for the Republicans to work with Obama. You know the bad thing about this? Republican leaders in Congress are gonna see this. Remember, Rasmussen is considered to be Republican. If there’s a Republican poll versus a Democrat poll, Rasmussen is a Republican poll. So the Republican leaders in the House and Senate, they’re gonna see this.

“See? See? See? They do want us to work with Obama! They do want us to cross the aisle. They do want us to have a moderate candidate!”

That’s what they’re going to get out of this. (interruption) Well, the payroll tax cut extension, they… (groans) I wish you hadn’t brought that up ’cause I’m really ticked off about it. That’s textbook how (speaking of screwing) to screw yourself. As I say, I’m gonna explain all this. I’m just here in our first segment setting the table. A corresponding poll, there’s a Gallup poll out. Yesterday, Gallup said the real unemployment number 9%; the real underemployment number is 19.1%. So while the regime is claiming that the unemployment rate’s gone down to 8.3%, Gallup says it is at 9%. The difference is Gallup uses raw numbers, not seasonally adjusted numbers. I’m starting to believe that “seasonally adjusted” is just code word “for manipulated to help incumbent presidents.”

It’s not just Obama. I think “seasonally adjusted” is designed to help the establishment, both parties in power, currently, in Washington. Then they went out and they talked to some small-business people. They asked ’em… I mentioned this yesterday, too. Of small businesses making $20 million a year annual or less, 85% say: Nope, not hiring anybody. And Gallup went out and they asked, “Why are you not looking for new employees?” And the answers were: Health costs and government regulations. So in the real world where the pedal hits the metal, where the rubber meets the road, nothing has really changed. But in the media and the polling data and on cable news?

You would think, folks, that it’s 2008 again and we’re dealing with The Messiah and all is lost. But it isn’t the case. Everything is happening according to predictable plan. Folks, I am not a seer. I’m not Nostradamus. I just know liberals. That’s all. I’m able, on December 20th, to tell you what is going to be in the news on February 16th because I know liberals, because I know the media. I don’t have any clairvoyant talents or abilities; I just know liberals, and, if I can predict it back on December 20th, what it means is I can predict manipulation. I can predict how they are going to be acting. Nobody can predict what’s actually going to be happening in the real world the next day or the next week, but you can predict what liberals are gonna do, regardless what reality is.


RUSH: On this Santorum interview, you may have noticed that there is not a transcript. At least there wasn’t mid-morning today, and I couldn’t find one yesterday. There is no transcript of the Santorum interview, the TIME Magazine interview, the link where the writer says, “Join this interview at 17 minutes in.” Right. There is no transcript because, if you read what Santorum says in that interview, it is perfectly clear that he’s expressing his private feelings; that he would not try to impose his views on the public through legislation. He says plainly that he would never try to do that.

Now, what’s being said about Santorum (by the media and by conservative bloggers who are for Romney) is that Santorum is gonna try to impose his moral values on the country from the White House and via legislation. And he would not do that. Now, he might try to lead on it — use the bully pulpit, make speeches on it — but in terms of legislating his personal morality, would never do it. So it’s a non-story! But they found enough in there they can take out of context to make it sound as though what Santorum can’t wait to do is get elected president and then outlaw contraception and abortion with an executive order.

That’s what they want people to believe that he’s going to do.

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