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RUSH: Colfax, Wisconsin, back to the phones. This is Susan. Thank you for waiting and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Oh, hi, Rush. What a wonderful experience to be able to talk to you and Bo Snerdley.

RUSH: Oh, yes, it makes your day, makes your day.

CALLER: He is wonderful, and so are you. I’m taking us back to the beginning of the program about this aspirin thing, and I’m just sick and tired of the humorless liberal women that are out there. Where’s the warmth? Where’s the love? I don’t mind being barefoot. I don’t mind being pregnant. I don’t mind being in the kitchen, and what’s wrong with it? There was a lot of love in our house and my husband couldn’t wait to get home to me and our little babies. I’ve been married for 42 years and I’m just sick and tired of all this humorless stuff that’s out there.

RUSH: You know, that’s a great way of describing it. They are humorless.


RUSH: They are not happy. They don’t smile. They’re not enjoying life. This babe in San Francisco, this environmentalist wacko —


RUSH: — I mean what she’s basically doing here is putting an aspirin between the pages of her checkbook, and she’s not gonna open it up and write one for Obama.

CALLER: Well, I’ll tell you, I’m just sick of it, and what’s the matter with being a real person? I miss Johnny Carson and roasts of, what was that, Dean Martin roasts, I mean that humor, what’s wrong with that? And can’t we get back to being normal people, for crying out loud.

RUSH: Well, depends on how you define normal. Normal is old-fashioned and Victorian, fuddy-duddy. But, look, you really have nailed it here. They’re not happy. They are totally humorless. They are constantly angry, upset, agitated about something, and, furthermore, they’re looking for reasons to be every day. They’re part of the class I call “The Offended.” The Concerned. They’re just constantly offended, looking for reasons to be offended. And that’s what they want to redistribute, is their misery. Did I like the Norman Rockwell America stuff? Yeah. I did. I thought my childhood had examples of Norman Rockwell. I mean I thought my life was exemplary of that at times.

My grandparents, both sets, would fit in a Norman Rockwell painting. Absolutely. You know, try telling a modern-day liberal that. Look at how they laugh and chuckle and, “Oh, man, how out of touch can you possibly be?” That’s not an America that they would look fondly on and certainly not one that they would want to — (interruption) Snerdley says, “Why not? Why wouldn’t modern-day liberals want that?” Because you gotta realize that, what was it that made America Norman Rockwell-like, sexism? The dominant men and patriarchs with women barefoot and pregnant, basically slaves, popping out babies and baking cherry pies and all this stuff. They were happy, but they were ignorant. They didn’t realize how they were being exploited. They didn’t realize how they were being subjugated.

That was a phony era. That was never real. The Rockwell era, that papered over the real discrimination and disparity and inequality that existed in America. That promoted a dominant white culture that was discriminatory and way too large, and it was forcing its way on everybody. There was no liberty. There was no freedom. Everybody had to conform. It was phony. That’s what they would say about it.

It was replete with American values. The American left today despises American values. That’s really what the culture war, to the extent that you want to describe it that way, it’s what it’s about, it’s American values. What would it take for liberals to be proud of this country? I think really scaled back in size and power and economic output, but I don’t even know if they’re capable of being proud of the country. I don’t think liberals have — and, by the way, there’s a bunch of different liberals — I’m talking about the true follower, brain-dead people that lurk on all these websites and write all these idiotic, stupid comments to whatever posts are put up there.

Then you have liberal leaders who are duping all these people. Liberal leaders make certain they live lives in the lap of luxury. They make certain of that. And they are happy as they live their lives of luxury and as they wield their power over people beneath them. I’m talking about the rank and file, dumb, stupid, uninformed libs who are governed totally by broken hearts. They’re forever miserable, they’re forever unhappy, they blame the structure of the country for it. I mean those are the people that are susceptible to the accusation that the way they and the rest of us have lived is destroying the climate, for example.

But there is redemption possible. These are the people desperately searching for meaning in their lives. Their lives don’t mean anything. Everybody wants their life to have meaning, everybody wants to matter, and so the brilliant liberal leaders say, “Well, fine, you want to matter, then buy some stupid little car here that is gonna save the planet, and, by the way, when a tax increase comes along, happily pay it. This is the price you must pay for the damage that you have wrought.” My gosh, these people are so overwhelmed with guilt, and they want everybody to feel exactly as they do: miserable, unhappy, cantankerous, you name it. And so that’s what their mission is.

So I don’t think, Snerdley, that America could ever be anything that they would be proud of. Their existence is based on finding flaws. That’s the essence of liberalism. You find a flaw, you point it out, and in the process you say to yourself, “I’m compassionate. Well, look at me, I care. Look what I’ve noticed. Look what I see. See that suffering? That’s horrible. Wow, am I a good person.” No. You don’t have to solve it. In fact, you make fun of the people who want to solve it and you accuse them of racism, sexism, bigotry, and homophobia and all that other stuff. No, no, no. It’s the most gutless choice one can make, to be a liberal. It’s just easy. You don’t have to ever do anything.

And, beyond that, all you have to do is think of yourself as a victim of some unseen, powerful force that subjugates you into this life of misery. And that allows you to think you’re owed something, that you’re entitled to something. I know these people. I know them like every square inch of my glorious naked body. Not just the back of my hand. I know more about what they think and how they think than they do. And that’s why they hate me, because I point it out. I nail ’em, and they don’t like that. They don’t like confronting the truth about their own existence.

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