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RUSH: This is great, too, folks, this is fabulous. Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh. By the way, telephone number, 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program.

Politico. Here’s the headline. “Politico: 2012: The Year of ‘Birth Control Moms’? — First came the “soccer moms.” Then the security moms. Will 2012 be the year of the ‘birth control moms’? … Democratic strategist Celinda Lake says it’s enough to ‘really irritate’ independent suburban moms and ‘re-engage’ young, single women who haven’t tuned into the campaign so far,” meaning Santorum and all this talk about contraception, which as you and I know is totally trumped up. Nobody — even now, after all that happened over the weekend — including Santorum, NOBODY is suggesting that we ban contraception, particularly at the federal level. This is a totally manufactured issue.

You, if you are a regular listener to this program, you know that this all began on January 7th in a debate, Stephanopoulos, the moderator, asking Romney if he believes in contraception. (paraphrased exchange) And Romney says, “What the hell is this? Why you asking me that? That’s not an issue.” “I don’t care,” said Stephanopoulos. “Would you support the states banning contraception?” “George, it’s silly. Nobody’s talking about that.” But it was on there, it’s on the record as asked and answered, and of course Santorum had previously answered that he thought the states could if they wanted to. He’s a states right guy and was reacting to the question more in a states’ rights context than he was a contraception context.

So they ginned this up ’cause they do not have an issue they can run on. They do not have the economy, they do not have one thing in Obama’s record they can point to and say, “You want four more years of this? Vote for us!” So they have to gin something up, and they have done it here. And so-so now they’re gonna drum up this “birth control moms”? Isn’t that kind of, uh, contradictory? A birth control mom? How do you become a mom if you’re into birth control? (interruption) No, no, no, I know that after you become a mom and you don’t want to do it anymore, fine. But it’s all trumped up. There aren’t any “birth control moms” out there. You know, the “soccer moms,” if you recall, there really weren’t any “soccer moms,” either.

“Soccer mom” was an invented voting group. And if you recall, the “soccer moms” were average, ordinary, middle class women who drove SUVs and vans — and they just did it at all. Oh, my God! They got up and five minutes later they were fatigued and ready to go back to bed. They had to do everything. They had to make breakfast, get the kids off school, pick them up from school, go to the school play. And then take ’em to soccer practice, then take ’em home, then feed ’em, then go to the play, and go to bed. And Bill Clinton cared more about them than their own lousy husbands did. That was the “soccer mom” contingent. Their own husbands took ’em for granted, their own husbands couldn’ta cared less, but Bill Clinton cared. (impression) “He cared more about ’em anybody in their whole lives did,” and then the “security moms” were the same kind of creation. Now (laughing) “birth control moms.”

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