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RUSH: Let me tell you something. Just a second here. Let me tell you something. The Whitney Houston funeral. I did not watch it because I was playing golf, but I saw highlights of it, and I’m going to tell you something. That Whitney Houston funeral, if the whole thing… It went five hours, right? If the whole thing was what I saw, that funeral should scare the Democrat Party to its core. Do you realize nothing that happened, nothing that was said from the pulpit inside that church at the Whitney Houston funeral could ever be uttered from the podium at the Democrat National Convention? (interruption) What do I mean? Oh, you… Well, okay, then I’ll have to tell you about this as the program unfolds. (interruption)
You didn’t see it? You’re chiding me for watching highlights of it, and he didn’t even see it? For crying out loud, it’s my job to know about this stuff and you’re making fun of me? You’re, chiding me? What am I, Jeremy Lin here? (interruption) Well, I wasn’t gonna watch five hours of it, but I saw enough of it, and I had a lot of e-mails about it, too. Drudge’s headline: “America Goes to Church.” All day Saturday: “America Goes to Church.” This was a five-hour Christian worship service, and I’m telling you: None of this that happened could ever be said anywhere near the Democrat Party or their convention. It had to scare them to the core.


RUSH: But first let me discuss the Whitney Houston funeral and get that out of the way so we can move on. Forbes magazine. Maybe it was a blog, I’m not sure which, but they apologized by warning readers that they were gonna be talking a lot about Christianity in their reporting of the story. They even brought up Whitney Houston’s dog-eared Bible. The Forbes article on her funeral said: No offense, kids, but everyone talked about Whitney’s passion for the Bible. No offense, kids! That’s Forbes magazine. Jesse Jackson was there. I don’t know if you saw it, if you watched it. The Reverend Jackson did not look comfortable with the way this was going down.

This was a five-hour church service. Unabashed. No apologies. It was Christianity 101 with no excuses made from top to bottom. It had an unwavering Christian theme, which it should have. She was a Christian. Her church was a Christian church, it was a Baptist church. And from the stuff I saw and what I’ve read about it, none of it could have happened. None of it could be said — none of this kind of thing could go on — for example, at the Democrat convention in North Carolina coming up this summer. The Democrats and the media want to take the ability to publicly express our faith away from us. Suddenly the presidential campaign’s all about “social issues,” which is really code for “religious issues.”

When we talk about contraception (or when they do), what they’re trying to do is impugn Christians. They’re trying to scare everybody that if Santorum gets the nomination and is elected, we’re going to have a theocracy. We’re gonna have a Bible thumper in the White House who’s gonna be forcing his judgmental religion on everybody, and they want to scare everybody. And in the midst of that, here comes the Whitney Houston funeral — which is Black America, which is Christianity 101, in celebration — five hours of it. The pastor, guy named Marvin Winans, said, “Jesus is saying, ‘I don’t want you to become anxious about life. I don’t want you to feel that life has happened without purpose.’

“God works all things after the counsel of his own will. You are not a mistake, you are not a mishap. God had a purpose before he ever created a person.” You think somebody who’s gonna say that at the Democrat convention is gonna get away with it? Because there is no “god” there. God is the earth or god’s the president or god’s some inanimate object. He said, “When people look at the Bible, they look at it from the wrong perspective. The Bible is the owner’s manual.” He held it up. And then he said that “the anecdotes in the Bible have been provided so that you can get the best out of your life.” He said, “Come on Sunday. I do this every Sunday. Come to my church on Sunday, you’ll see.

“Sometimes we have believers behaving badly. But Jesus says that I’m gonna give you the order of how this should go. In that same text, he says, ‘Seek ye first.’ I want us to recognize that our faith in God is not something we attach to the end of our lives, but that we must prioritize,” said the minister. “You make your decision based on your faith. You walk according to what you believe. You can never say ‘yes’ to God and have God make you a stranger. You can never put God first and think that God will forget you and leave you.” Now, the thing about this to me was that people who go to church hear this, or something like it almost every Sunday. Forbes magazine has to basically apologize for what’s coming in their coverage!

They have to basically apologize. (paraphrased) “Sorry, kids! No offense, kids, but everybody talked about Whitney’s passion for the Bible.” So while the regime is out there trying to scare everybody about Christianity, you had five hours of this — and it was joyous. It was sad, too. It had all the emotions that you would expect in a funeral, but it was uplifting. And I started getting e-mails about this. I was on the golf course, and I started getting e-mails about it from people who were watching it. So that’s why I wanted to catch some highlights of it. One of the e-mails I got said, “Shocking Christianity on display on CNN right now. How can this happen?” People were trying to be funny.

As I watch this… I’m gonna be point-blank honest with you. As I watched this, I watched a five-hour Black American church service that was uplifting and inspirational. As I say, it had all the emotions you would expect from a funeral, but at the end — in the end — it was all about greatness: How great you can be, how great you are, how great God intends you to be. All the things that we’re not allowed to hear or pray about at a football game in high school anymore. All these things, they just send the Democrats running, and here was happening at a Black church. And I was thinking: How often do African-Americans have to hold their nose and look the other way on things like abortion and gay marriage and so forth when they listen to the Democrat Party talk about it?

‘Cause there was no evidence of the Democrat Party in this funeral service. Or very little. And the fact that they vote uniformly Democrat when it comes to Election Day every four years? You watch that church service and you wonder, “How can that happen? How can these same people who are singing and agreeing and shouting, leave this place and go out and vote for Democrats?” Well, we all know the answer. These are rhetorical questions. It was still fascinating to me. You don’t see this. It used be commonplace to have Christian devotion in the public square. It was well known, it was frequent, it was common, it was inoffensive. It didn’t bother anybody, that we knew.

Of course, we now know it was bothering all kinds of people. (interruption) No, there was no Reverend Wright in this thing. There was no cursing America. There was no “G…d… America.” There was no “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” None of that. There was none of the kind of stuff that goes on in Obama’s church, for example. Anyway, I run the risk of attaching too much meaning to this, but it had such a stark message. It was such a stark contrast to me to what we get in the public square every day. The kind of thing that went on in this church service is what the Obama regime, the Democrat Party are trying to gin up fear for — just that very thing — in order to get people to vote against Republicans.

They want people to fear exactly what happened in that funeral service. That’s a disconnect, because clearly the people in that church were not afraid. They were celebrating. They were joyous. There was nothing being said from the pulpit that scared ’em, that made ’em nervous. And yet their own party is trying to make them and everyone else think that stuff like what happened at her funeral, we better be afraid of. “We can’t allow anybody who believes like this in elective office, anywhere. Nobody!” And that’s why the Reverend Jackson looked unhappy, because he ought to have been leading something like this. If the Reverend Jackson were really a reverend, he would have been leading the thing.

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