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RUSH: I’ll tell you what the real outrage ought to be. The real outrage ought to be having to pay for things for other people no matter what it is. Obama comes down the pike and demands that somebody provide something to something else for nothing, somebody’s gotta pay for that. That should be where the real outrage is. And a little political observation here. If — it’s a big “if” — if, as the polls indicate, Romney loses in Michigan, I think there’s a possibility of something happening nobody’s talking about — and that’s the reemergence of Newt. Keep a sharp eye. Anything’s still possible.


RUSH: Snerdley is shocked and stunned with my last comment. He doesn’t believe that I actually said it. I said it. If Romney has trouble in Michigan… Now, Public Policy Polling is a very liberal polling group out of North Carolina. They say that Romney’s gaining ground, and he could well be. A slew of negative ads are being run against Santorum, and they work. Negative ads have always been shown to work, and Romney’s gaining ground back in Michigan. Of course, the Republican establishment would be turned upside down if he loses in Michigan, because that’s his what, second or third home state? And his dad was governor there. …

I read something over the weekend about all of this stuff going on in Michigan, and it was just a little offhand allusion to the problems that any Republican candidate has in Michigan, any presidential candidate. And that is that both Republicans and Democrats in Michigan supported Obama’s bailout of General Motors. I read that, and it’s the first time I’d actually seen it stated so bluntly. I had never given it thought. I just assumed, naively so, that your average Republican anywhere will oppose a bailout of anything anywhere. Of course I know intellectually it’s not true. But I was kind of surprised that a majority of Republicans in Michigan were all supportive of the bailout.

And then I was reminded of Iowa, and how many calls I have gotten from Republican in Iowa over the years: “Don’t you want to win elections? Don’t you understand that we have to support ethanol?” I was just surprised to see it nevertheless. It’s a minefield for a Republican presidential candidate in a primary because you can’t be for bailouts, but if you go to Michigan you have to say to the Republicans there, “Yeah, yeah, I kind of supported the bailout,” and then you gotta support the Volt and do all this stuff. It’s a minefield, and that’s where principle needs to rear its head. Now, one of the things I was reading about Romney.

If Romney falters in Michigan, the guy to look at as perhaps having a chance to get back in this big time is Newt Gingrich. Do you realize there hasn’t been a debate in a month? There has not been a debate, and look at what impact that could be having on the polls, ’cause there haven’t been any primaries, either. But look at the impact no debates are having. So if Romney doesn’t do as expected, then of course the Republican Party establishment’s gonna panic and think, “Oh, my gosh, we need somebody new now,” because none of the others are suitable to them. Including Newt. Newt’s not suitable to them, either. But the debates are gonna kick back in again once we get close to Michigan and then we’ve got Super Tuesday.

The debates will kick back up and if Newt has stellar performance. Given the roller-coaster nature of the results of these primaries, anything can still happen.

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