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RUSH: Newport News, Virginia, with Shirley. I’m glad to hear from you. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Well, hello, Rush. This is such an honor to speak to you. I’m so glad I got through. I can’t believe it.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Yes. I’m calling about Rick Santorum, and I think his candidacy is a godsend. Do you realize that we’re having these issues on a national debate for all to see. Rick Santorum represents the polar opposite of Barack Obama in character, word, deed, and ideology. On one end of the spectrum you have Barack Obama who is the complete epitome of social, cultural, and economic Marxism. And, on the other end of the spectrum, we have Rick Santorum who represents and articulates and demonstrates conservatism with an all American Judeo-Christian worldview with convictions, principles, heart, logic and truth like no one else can do. You have such a bold contrast here of what’s happening in America right now, and he’s the only one with the courage to address the root cause of the big government and economic crisis we’re having.

RUSH: Yeah, by the way, you’ve reminded me, I’ve got this piece by Bill McGurn, who I should say, in the interests of complete full disclosure, McGurn is a friend of mine. He’s got this piece in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Sex, Lies and Rick Santorum – The politics of the double standard on social issues.” It’s really good. In large part it’s an advice piece for Santorum on how to deal with all this, which I will share, I promise, in the next half hour. But this is all coming about because of this long, drawn-out campaign. This is what the establishment didn’t want. They wanted no part of this. They wanted this over before it started.

Now, I’m here to tell you, this primary is not hurting the party. Why does the party think that the primary is hurting it? (interruption) Well, that’s part of it. But the main reason that the party thinks that this campaign is hurting them is because the long campaign is not helping Romney, is it? And that’s their guy. The long campaign is not helping Romney. In fact, some might say that the longer it goes on, the more his chances are hurt. And the establishment, they’re panicking over this.

But I’m gonna tell you, even if he ends up being the nominee, if Romney is the nominee, he’s gonna win or lose based on his own ability or inability as a candidate. It’s not gonna be due to anything else. And that’s another thing. The establishment and some of our brave warriors in the conservative blogosphere, and, no, I’m not gonna mention any names because I don’t care to be distracted by these phony, fake little contrived rivalries, but some of these brave conservative bloggers are already setting the table to be able to say, “It wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t my fault,” if we lose.

Yeah, some of these brave warriors are telling us how we ought to think and what we ought to do are already — ’cause they think if Romney loses the nomination the party’s finished and Obama’s massively reelected in a landslide. So they’re setting things up to say, “Hey, don’t blame us, we tried to tell you.” So they’re in a totally defensive posture right now. Meanwhile, others are moving forward with a positive attitude, a can-do spirit, and confident of victory. I think anybody on our side who gets the nomination can win, and I have not wavered from that, because this campaign is going to be about Barack Obama.

I’ll make another prediction to you. Snerdley keeps talking to me about unity. Snerdley’s worried that there’s so much infighting there’s not gonna be unity. Let me tell you what’s gonna unify everybody is Barack Obama. This, whatever you want to call it, anger or the conflict that’s going on, when this nomination’s decided and whoever ends up being the nominee, this energy is gonna be rechanneled and aimed right at Obama and that’s the way it’s supposed to be, that’s the way it will be. Mark my words. Don’t doubt me.


RUSH: Who’s next? Rich in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, first-time caller. Mega dittos, love the show. The reason for my call, what prompted me was the guy that was on yesterday at the end of the show.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. Oh-ho-ho, yeah.

CALLER: You know, he was so aggravated with you. But, you know, I think that all this animosity and anger and passion is all coming because of the desperation of the people. We’re so aggravated with Obama that we’re hoping that the Republicans aren’t gonna blow it. And I really feel that whoever the candidate is, we’re gonna rally around him, you know, to defeat Obama.

RUSH: That’s right. Because that’s gonna be the objective. And that’s what this is all about now! What this is all about now is beating Obama. And what the people who are not supporting Romney are saying is they think Mitt Romney’s not conservative enough and they want a conservative. They think that’s what will beat Obama, and that’s what they want governing the country. It’s conservatism. It’s nothing personal to Romney. It’s just the fact that this is all about defeating Obama. This Republican primary is not a beauty contest.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: The American people, the Republican base that is participating in this, is animated about one thing, and that’s defeating Obama. It’s not because people love Santorum and prefer his issues over Romney per se. It’s about beating Obama. This is what the Republican establishment doesn’t get. Hell, the Republican establishment is not even unified on the concept that Obama can lose! A lot of the Republican establishment think there’s no way he can be beat. So they want a candidate who’s not gonna lose so many in the Senate or the House or might win some down ballot, win the Senate. And that’s not where the base is. The base wants to send this guy packing! The base wants to send the Democrat Party packing!

The Republican establishment doesn’t think that can happen, and that’s the reason for the divide. The Republican establishment is scared to death the wrong candidate will scare away the moderates or the independents or whatever, and with that will go their chances of winning the Senate. The base wants to send Obama packing after one term, and to them that’s what this primary is all about. The Republican establishment, the party elders had better figure out that what this primary is about is precisely beating Barack Obama and limiting him to a one-term presidency. Oh, yeah, there’s a little sending of messages back and forth to the establishment saying, “We want conservatism. We’re tired of moderates and people whose ‘turn’ it is being the nominee.”

But it’s all about beating Obama, and the Republican base thinks it’s possible. They know it’s possible. And that’s the objective. That’s why the Tea Party exists! It’s about securing a future for people’s kids and grandkids. It’s about making sure a kidney doesn’t bankrupt you. That’s what it’s about. Don’t forget ABC’s special from the White House on health care, a woman stands up. (paraphrased) “Mr. President, Mr. President, my mother is 90-some-odd years old, perfect health, huge spirit. She just needs a pacemaker. Will you factor…?” I couldn’t believe this question. “Will you allow for someone’s spirit or will to live in your decision?”

“Nope. Uh, I don’t think we can do that. At some point we’re just gonna have to decide to give ’em a pill. Give ’em a pill and make their remaining days as pleasant as possible. Give ’em a pill.”

What? In the United States of America the will to live doesn’t matter in terms of parceling out health care? He said it! I was stunned that we’d even gotten to the point where a citizen would ask the president if he would ALLOW her mother to live! That’s the kind of stuff that scares me and infuriates me at the same time. We looked it up, by the way: 12% of Americans claim medical bankruptcy. “Claim” it. A lot of times people claim bankruptcy when they’re not, but it’s the stat: 12% of Americans claim medical bankruptcy. However, we looked at Canada, socialized medicine, where we’re headed: 15% of Canadians claim medical bankruptcy. So you think that we get Obamacare and your daughter needs a kidney, you’re gonna get it? Why? If for some reason you are determined unfit by the regime, then so will be your daughter or child who needs the kidney be determined to be unfit. The GOP base is confident conservatism can beat Obama, can win the Senate and expand the House. The elites in the party think conservatism will cause a landslide defeat: the Barry Goldwater model. The elites think moderates will beat Obama. Ain’t gonna happen. That’s the divide.

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