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RUSH: “The Five” at five on the Fox News Channel yesterday. They were discussing me, so we played the sound bites of them discussing me, as I knew would happen, after I played the sound bites of me discussing “The Five.” “The Five” then, yesterday at five, discussed me discussing them. And we have a couple of sound bites. We have Andrea “Tarantula” and Bob Beckel. Andrea Tarantula up first.

TARANTULA: Rush Limbaugh spent a lot of time talking about our conversations today on his radio show. He also went on, actually, to say I was right in my comments yesterday but then called me “Andrea Tarantula” about five times so my mom spent about an hour trying to dial into his show today to ask him why he calls me that.

PERINO: I think it’s a term of endearment or at least it’s a nickname. If you get a nickname, then you are in.

RUSH: That’s Dana Perino telling Angela Tarantula not to worry about it. Did she say that her mother…? (interruption) Snerdley, did her mother call? Did you not let her mother through? (interruption) Really? Snerdley did not get her call. (interruption) See, I have to be… (interruption) Are you’re telling the truth? She did not get through yesterday and he didn’t put her on? (interruption) Okay, she didn’t get through yesterday. Bob Beckel also had this to say about what I had said about “The Five.”

BECKEL: Let me give Limbaugh some credit here. You know, if you had a 5% falloff in turnout among conservative Republicans —

WOMAN: You lose!

BECKEL: — across the country —

WOMAN: You’d lose!

BECKEL: — I don’t care how many independents… Normally independents will split 52-48, right? You probably could lose. I mean there is something to be said about having to get your base — your very conservative voters — to the polls. That’s the one issue I agree with him.

RUSH: Holy smokes, folks! That’s two days in a row that Bob Beckel has thrown in with me. And he had no choice in this one. My point yesterday was: All this talk about running out and getting the independents, you better get your base. You better get your base first. If you target the independents and make them your primary objective, there aren’t enough of them for you to win.


RUSH: We’ve got Andrea Tarantula’s mom? Mrs. Tarantula, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Hello, Rush. I am Andrea Tarantula’s mom and I just want to say, it fits.

RUSH: Whoa. (laughing.)

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: Okay. It fits?

CALLER: It fits. Absolutely. And I’m just calling to say, thank you.

RUSH: Okay. All right. Andrea Tarantula’s mom, there you have it.

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