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RUSH: Obama apologizing to Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan. Newt was not happy about it. He was in Spokane, Washington, at a campaign event. Newt Gingrich about Obama and his apology to Afghanistan for the troops burning the Holy Koran…

GINGRICH: President Obama surrendered twice today … and I think it deserves to be brought to the country’s attention. The more outrageous involves the killing of two young Americans and wounding of four others in Afghanistan. Now, apparently there was an incident where an amount of radical Islamist material was being burned, apparently the Koran was part of that. That has now been blown into a huge incident by various fanatics in Afghanistan. The president apologized for the burning, but I haven’t seen the president demand that the government of Afghanistan apologize for the killing of two young Americans. (applause) He is consistently apologizing to people who do not deserve the apology of the president of the United States, period.

RUSH: What was it that Newt said? I’m gonna have to paraphrase him. He had a great line at the debate Wednesday night. He said, “If you’re an ally of the United States, you got trouble. If you’re one of our enemies, you are sitting pretty, with Obama, with this regime.” I’m paraphrasing it, but that’s essentially what he said. And I’m reminded of it by this, Obama once again, running around apologizing. And, you know, yesterday Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, was on MSNBC with the aforementioned Jonathan Capehart. And they were talking about gay marriage and how Christie had vetoed the gay marriage bill in New Jersey. Capehart (who is out, he’s openly gay) was arguing with Christie about this.

Christie was making the point that Obama wants it both ways on this. Obama doesn’t have the guts to stand up for his real position on this. He basically told Capehart that Obama is exhibiting cowardice. He says, “Look, have him come on this show and tell you what he really thinks about it,” and Capehart is just a slave for Obama, whatever Obama wants, whatever Obama wants out their message, why, Capehart is right in there to promote it. So you had Christie yesterday basically calling Obama a coward. Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani was on Erin Burton’s show on CNN last night. She said, “Polls say that the American people do not want a nuclear Iran. They support military action to prevent it, but it does feel in a lot of ways a lot like Iraq. People are saying, ‘Well, they want to do this. We went in last time on bad intelligence, not really sure that the Iranians have a nuke.’ What shall we do here, Mr. Mayor?”

GIULIANI: President Obama’s made this much more complicated by being such a weakling with regard to Iran. You know, a month ago he writes a letter to the Ayatollah asking the ayatollah to talk to him. This is absurd, writing a letter to ayatollah! It’s like writing a letter to Hitler. It is nuts. Instead what he should be doing is convincing the Iranians that he’s serious; that if he had to, he’s bomb the hell out of them, and they should believe this. In fact, the best way he’s gonna avoid bombing them is convincing them in their heads that he’s capable of doing it.

RUSH: Is there sound bite 23? It’s Rudy, right? Yeah, Rudy continues. He called him a weakling, you’ve got Christie calling him a coward, now Giuliani calling him a weakling — and Giuliani wasn’t through mocked him.

GIULIANI: (sniveling impression) “Please give us back the drone, Mr. Ayatollah! Please give me the drone back!”

BURNETT: (choking back laughter)

GIULIANI: That really helps, right?”

BURNETT: All right. But he got tougher, Mayor Giuliani.

GIULIANI: (laughing)

BURNETT: He got tougher.

GIULIANI: Oh, yeah. Real tough!

RUSH: Rudy Giuliani with Erin Burton making fun of Obama for asking the ayatollahs for our drone back. “Please give us our drone back, Mr. Ayatollah. Please.”

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